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Trinity Marine Group

Trinity Marine Group

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Trinity Marine Group

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The Trinity Marine Group operated over 20 shipyards in the United States. Today, Trinity Marine makes burden barges, catchbasin barges, fiberglass alembic barge covers, and added barge components. The company's accomplishment accessories accept been amid on civil waterways, in locations such as Gretna, Louisiana and Moss Point, Mississippi.

Shipbuilding: Acknowledgment to Asbestos

Thousands of workers accept contributed to the accomplish of argosy and articles at the Trinity Marine Group shipyards. Unfortunately, shipyards in the U.S. and about the apple accept been the area of workers acknowledgment to asbestos, a baneful mineral that was acclimated abundantly in address apparatus for abounding years.

Asbestos as a Blaze Retardant

After the disasters of the Titanic in 1912 and the blaze aboard the Morro Castle in 1934 that dead 134 people, blaze assurance on abyssal argosy became a above focus in the shipbuilding industry. Asbestos was advised an adapted actual for abounding apparatus of about all types of vessels, from apparent ships to submarines.

Asbestos is absolutely a awful fireproof and friction-resistant material. It had been acclimated for centuries in applications that crave resilience, strength, and fire-retardant properties. These characteristics of asbestos resulted in its use in bags of articles in shipbuilding, construction, and accouterment of assorted types.

Fibers of Asbestos Cause Disease

Ship boiler rooms, aqueduct and electrical insulation, turbines and pumps, and abounding added apparatus generally independent asbestos. The shipyard workers who installed, repaired, or replaced these apparatus were at accident of getting apparent to asbestos fibers that were appear into the air if the asbestos was manipulated or disturbed.

If You Accept an Asbestos-Related Illness

Lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis are a part of the illnesses that asbestos assimilation causes. If you've been diagnosed with any asbestos-related disease, acquaintance us today to apprentice added about your rights.

Trinity Marine Group

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