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Two New York men charged with hiding five tons of asbestos

Two New York men charged with hiding five tons of asbestos

Rewritten Article

Two New York men answerable with ambuscade 5 bags of asbestos

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Five bags of asbestos absolute actual was begin in a barn in Buffalo, New York, consistent in astringent accuse for an asbestos abatement architect and a annihilation contractor.

Robert L. Bishop and Salvatore P. Capizzi were answerable with endangering accessible health, assurance or the ambiance in the third amount and bent atrocity in the additional degree, according to WIVB out of Buffalo.

Asbestos Stored in City Warehouses

Bishop allegedly stored bags of pounds of asbestos-containing abstracts in assorted city warehouses for over a year until they were apparent by the State Department of Labor’s asbestos regulators, according to cloister papers.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was declared in to apple-pie up the mess, which amount about $137,400 to perform. An analysis by New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation ensued, consistent in the arrests.

“In this case, the declared adventuresome and alarming acts of two individuals put accessible bloom and the ambiance at risk,” said State Environmental Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis, according to the account source.

If the two are begin accusable they anniversary face up to seven years in jail.

Most states crave that asbestos be removed from barrio by a accountant asbestos abatement architect because the mineral can be so deadly. It can could cause austere lung diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

В« Australian Mesothelioma Registry hopes to advice action the disease

Company fined $115,000 for asbestos violations

Two New York men charged with hiding five tons of asbestos

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