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U.S. Naval Operating Base, Terminal Island

U.S. Naval Operating Base, Terminal Island

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U.S. Argosy Operating Base, Terminal Island

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The U.S. Argosy Operating Abject at Terminal Island in Los Angeles, California was an acutely active abode during the years of World War II. The Navy bedeviled Terminal Island, a sand-filled island next to the anchorage of Los Angeles, from Japanese-American fishermen and cannery workers afterwards Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese in December 1941.

Working on Aircraft

The 410-acre aerodrome on Terminal Island was acclimated by the Navy as an Air Base. Aggressive aircraft that were produced adjacent were flight-tested and accustomed a careful blanket at the abject afore they were alien off to the South Pacific for the war effort. Abounding pilots aswell abstruse to fly at the Argosy Operating Abject at Terminal Island.

In addition, several hundred women confined the U.S. aggressive accomplishment as WAVES (Women Accepted in Volunteer Emergency Services) and SPARs (Semper Paratus, "Always Ready") aswell formed at this abject as mechanics, radio and air navigators, air cartage controllers, and as pilot trainers.

Asbestos Exposure

Work at the argosy bases sometimes complex asbestos-containing abstracts and apparatus of aircraft such as gaskets, turbines, pumps, and the insulation about wiring. The mechanics and others who formed installing or replacing these locations may accept been apparent to baneful levels of asbestos, a carcinogen amenable for bags of deaths.

When asbestos in any of its abounding forms is disturbed, breakable or manipulated, its fibers may be appear into the air, breadth they may be aback inhaled by humans in the area. Asbestos acknowledgment has been affiliated to such austere illnesses as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer.

Asbestos Diseases a part of Veterans

If your plan at the Argosy Operating Abject at Terminal Island acquired you to advance an asbestos-related illness, acquaintance us today to apprentice about your options.

U.S. Naval Operating Base, Terminal Island

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