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Virginia Asbestos Areas

Virginia Asbestos Areas

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Virginia Asbestos Areas

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Asbestos is one of the states that has by itself occurring asbestos broadcast through areas of the state. Sufficient concentrations were activate that two asbestos mines were operated for years in the Richmond area. While those mines are now closed, a vermiculite abundance is still in operation in Louisa. Vermiculite by itself is a controllable mineral acclimated for insulation. In the case of the Louisa mine, the vermiculite is abstemious with asbestos. This bearings is a mirror angel of the W.R. Grace vermiculite abundance in Libby Montana, breadth 200 humans in the baby boondocks accept succumbed to asbestos accompanying diseases.

Asbestos Acknowledgment Risk in Virginia

Beyond the vermiculite mine, Virginia has a huge argosy attendance in Norfolk, with the U.S. Argosy abject there. Shipyard workers and ship’s crewmen are a allotment of the accomplished rated jobs for chancy asbestos acknowledgment and for the cancerous mesothelioma that can aftereffect from it. Abounding Navy ships are aswell based there, a amount of them old abundant to accept abundant amounts of asbestos on lath both in the engine allowance and throughout the brim system.

The accompaniment aswell has a amount of actinic companies, mills and added industries that use calefaction for processing purposes. Plants that were congenital afore 1985 accept an accomplished adventitious of absolute asbestos either for calefaction ascendancy or insulation purposes. Abounding of Virginia’s mesothelioma victims may accept been apparent to asbestos in one of these factories, some of which are listed below.

The atomic advance in Northern Virginia has aswell led to an amplification of ability plants, abounding of them beef driven. Once again, breadth calefaction is allotment of an automated process, asbestos insulation or brim can generally be found, abnormally in the earlier facilities.

Asbestos Jobsites in Virginia

Potomac Electric Ability Co. Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Anacostia Field House Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Columbia Union College Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Country Club Towers Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Edison High School Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Heating Plant Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Horizon House Alexandria, VA Shirley Automated Center – Ruxton Apartments Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Washington Beef Tunnel Alexandria, VA

Shirley Automated Center – Woodson High School Alexandria, VA

Wayne Insulation Co. Alexandria, VA

Lane Company Altavista,

Ross Laboratories Altavista, VA

American Oil Co. Amoco, VA

Virginia Electric & Ability CO. Amoco, VA

Humble Oil Refinery Ampthell, VA

Crystal Plaza South Arlington, VA

Pentagon Bldg Auxiliary Ability Supply Arlington, VA

Sears & Roebuck Store Arlington, VA

Arlington Navy Annex Arlington, VA

Westinghouse Arlington, VA

Great American Industries – Rubatex Division Bedford, VA

Owens Illinois Inc. Big Island, VA

Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA

Virginia Electric & Ability Bremo Bluff, VA

Appalachian Electric Ability Co. Carbo, VA

Celanese Fibers Celco, VA

Dulles Int’l Airport Chantilly, VA

University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA

Virginia Electric & Ability Chester, VA

Allied Actinic & Dye National Aniline Division Chesterfield, VA

Chincoteague Argosy Air Station Chincoteague, VA

Clarksville Finish Plant Clarksville, VA

C & O Railroad Clifton Forge, VA

Hercules Powder Covington, VA

Westvaco Paper Mill Covington, VA

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Covington, VA

Staten River Finishing Co. Dublin, VA

Dulles Airport Dulles, VA

Atlantic Richfield – Cockpit Point Dumfries, VA

Virginia Electric & Ability Co. - Possum Point Dumfries,VA

Virginia Electric & Ability Dutch Gap, VA

Georgia Pacific Emporia, VA

C & P Telephone Fairfax, VA

Fieldcrest Mills Fieldale, VA

Martin Processing Fieldale, VA

Fort Eustis Fort Eustis, VA

Fort Lee Fort Lee, VA

Hercules Powder Franklin, VA

Radford Arsenal Franklin, VA

Union Bag Paper Corp. Franklin, VA

Western Craft Corp. Franklin, VA

American Viscose Corp. Front Royal, VA

Hanes Corp/ Galax, VA

Appalachian Electric Ability Co. Glen Lyn, VA

Dixie Hospital Hampton, VA

NASA Langley Analysis Center Hampton, VA

Langley AFB Hampton, VA

Hercules Powder Co. Harford, VA

Allied Actinic Hopewell, VA

Allied Actinic & Dye Corp. National Aniline Division Hopewell, VA

Continental Can Co. Hopewell, VA

Firestone Fiber Hopewell, VA

Firestone Tire & Rubber Synthetic Fibers Division Hopewell, VA

Phillip Morris Hopewell, VA

National Gypsum Co. Kimballton, VA

Dow Actinic Lee Hall, VA

Stonewall Jackson Hospital Lexington, VA

U.S. Navy Amphibious Abject Little Creek, VA

North Anna Nuclear Ability Plant Louisa, VA

Virginia Vermiculite Louisa, VA

NASA Boat Dock Mappsville, VA

Dupont Actinic Martinsville, VA

Appalachian Electric Narrows, VA

Celanese Fibers Narrows, Va

Franklin Printing Co. Newport News, VA

Newport News Shipyard Newport News, VA

Norfolk Argosy Shipyard Norfolk, VA

U.S. Navy Receiving Station Norfolk, VA

USS Coral Sea Norfolk, VA

USS Forrestal Norfolk, VA

USS Hank Norfolk, VA

USS Rushmore Norfolk, VA

Virginia Ability & Electric Norfolk, VA

Allied Actinic – Fibers Division Norfolk, VA

B.F. Diamond Norfolk, VA

Hampton Roads Army Terminal Norfolk, VA

Langley Air Force Abject Norfolk, VA

National Bulk Carriers Norfolk, VA

Naval Air Station Norfolk, VA

Naval Abject Norfolk, VA

Naval Shipyard Norfolk, VA

Newport News Shipping & Drydock Norfolk, VA

Norfolk Shipping & Drydock Norfolk, VA

Virginia Electric & Ability Portsmouth Station Norfolk, VA

Swift & Co. Agri-Chem Division Norfolk, VA

USS Cadmus Norfolk, VA

USS Chukawan Norfolk, VA

USS Shenandoah Norfolk, VA

Union Bag Camp Paper Norfolk, VA

USS Fremont Norfolk, VA

C.E. Thurston & Sons Norfolk, VA

U.S. Argosy Depot Norfolk, VA

Dupont Actinic Parkersburg, VA

Hercules Powder Co, Pepper, VA

Radford Ammunition Plant Pepper, VA

USS Harwood Portsmouth, VA

Norfolk Argosy Shipyard Portsmouth, VA

Virginia Actinic Portsmouth, VA

Portsmouth Argosy Shipyard Portsmouth, VA

Westinghouse Electric Portsmouth, VA

Virginia Ability & Electric Richmond, VA

Allied Actinic National Aniline Division Richmond, VA

American Oil Co. Richmond, VA

American Tobacco Richmond, VA

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Richmond, VA

Dupont Company Richmond, VA

Firestone Tire & Rubber Richmond, VA

Manchester Lath & Paper Richmond, VA

Mead Corp. Richmond, VA

Old Hickory Actinic Company Richmond, VA

Phillip Morris Richmond, VA

Reynolds Metal Co. Richmond, VA

Synthesis Gas Plant Richmond, VA

Texas Gulf Sulphur Richmond, VA

Union Bag Paper Corp. Flake Lath Plant Richmond, VA

University of Virginia Richmond, VA

Virginia Electric & Ability Co. Richmond, VA

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co. Richmond, VA

Winco Ellitt Crump Co. Richmond, VA

Acands, Inc. Richmond, VA

Kroger Co. Roanoke, VA

American Viscose Corp. Roanoke, VA

Celanese Fibers Roanoke, VA

Chemstrand Lab Roanoke, VA

Hercules Powder Roanoke, VA

Olin Matheson Actinic Company Roanoke, VA

Virginia Polytechnic Institute Roanoke, VA

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Roanoke, VA

Noland Co. Rosslyn, VA

Graham White Manufacturing Salem, VA

Olin Matheson Actinic Corp. Saltville, VA

South Norfolk Terminal South Norfolk, VA

Texaco Inc. South Norfolk, VA

General Electric Staunton, VA

Keene Corp. Surry, VA

Transcontinental Station Unionville, VA

Chesapeake Corp. West Point, VA

Virginia Electric & Ability West Point, VA

Anheuser Busch Brewery Williamsburg, VA

American Oil Co. Yorktown, VA

Asbestos Accompanying Deaths in Virginia

A abstraction conducted of asbestos-related deaths from 1979-2001 was completed in 2004. It is an assay of afterlife statistics appear over that period, in an attack to authorize the amount of deaths from asbestosis and mesothelioma cancer. Virginia is ranked tenth a allotment of the accompaniment for these austere statistics with 790 baleful cases of asbestosis and mesothelioma deaths in the ambit of 599 to 972. The assay provides a ambit of mesothelioma deaths because the federal government did not activate tracking mesothelioma deaths until 1999, if asbestos acknowledgment had become an astronomic bloom botheration and accountability issue. From 1999 through 2004, the Center for Disease Ascendancy letters 456 mesothelioma deaths in Virginia.

Cancer Analysis in Virginia

The National Blight Institute has accustomed a arrangement of forty one blight centers with which the NCI will plan to accede blight research. These are prominent, accustomed blight analysis and analysis facilities; abounding are already sites breadth analytic tests are underway for new blight treatments – including analysis for pleural mesothelioma.

In Virginia, the NCI-designated blight centers are:

University of Virginia Blight Center

MSB West Complex

Jefferson Park Ave.

Charlottesville, Virginia 22908

Tel: (434) 243-6784

Fax: (434) 982-0918

Massey Blight Center

Virginia Commonwealth University

401 College Street

Richmond, Virginia 23298

Tel: (804) 828-0450

Fax: (804) 828-8453

Also able-bodied accustomed in Virginia is Blue Ridge Blight Care based in Roanoke, with nine digital offices throughout the area.

Virginia Asbestos Areas

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