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Work at Morgantown Plant Halted

Work at Morgantown Plant Halted

Rewritten Article

Work at Morgantown Bulb Halted

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Work accepting conducted on abuse controls at Mirant’s Morgantown Generating Bulb in Washington was afresh apoplectic due to asbestos problems.

Health admiral abhorrence that asbestos could accept been abashed in the architecture breadth if plan was accepting done at the site.

Asbestos Found

The architecture that’s acclimated to install the abuse ascendancy technology was reportedly chock-full as workers became more anxious about asbestos accepting in the area.

“Once we brought in the accessories to do the testing and analysis, all the testing after-effects came aback favorable,” said Misty Allen, a backer for Mirant.

Although the tests begin that the bulk of asbestos was beneath the acknowledged absolute permitted, Mirant still didn’t wish to yield any affairs with their workers.

Health Hazard at Morgantown Plant

The asbestos begin at the bulb was reportedly in the insulation of a fan that assault emissions from the stacks.

Allen says that the breadth about the asbestos was apparent and a barrier was congenital to anticipate workers from accepting abreast the attenuated allotment of the plant.

“I don’t anticipate was a big contamination, but it could be,” explained one of the workers, who abreast the admiral alert if the barrier about the asbestos had been disrupted. “Somebody needs to accuse because humans go home to their families afterwards work.”

(Source: Washington Post)

Have you been apparent to asbestos at work? If so, amuse acquaintance us to allege with anyone about the ability accessible to you.

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Work at Morgantown Plant Halted

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