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Wrongful Death Suit Against Amoco Oil Co.

Wrongful Death Suit Against Amoco Oil Co.
Wrongful Afterlife Clothing Adjoin Amoco Oil Co.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A retired plumber has filed a mesothelioma accusation adjoin Amoco Oil Co. and 58 added companies for the declared blameworthy afterlife of his wife.

The man claims that the asbestos that he was apparent to while active at Amoco Oil Co. attenuated his wife and acquired her to advance lung cancer.

Husband’s Claims

Elroyce Johnson formed at assorted actinic plants, including Amoco Oil Co., as a plumber, aqueduct bigger and carpenter throughout his alliance to Maxine Johnson.

“During his career, Mr. Johnson was apparent to asbestos-containing articles that apparent Ms. Johnson to asbestos fibers on his clothes if he came home from work,” claims the suit. “Mrs. Johnson apprenticed lung blight as a absolute and almost aftereffect of Mr. Johnson’s on the job exposure.”

Maxine died from lung blight backward endure year.

Companies Blamed for Wife’s Death

The suit, which Johnson filed on account of his backward wife, accuses his antecedent administration of maliciously conspiring to burrow any damaging asbestos analysis that has been conducted at the facilities.

“Defendants were behindhand in declining to acquaint the Plaintiff or her bedmate of the astringent accident to bloom airish by asbestos acknowledgment and inhalation,” states the suit.

The clothing aswell claims that the defendants knew of the adverse actuality of asbestos in the alive ambiance but didn’t do annihilation to yield affliction of the botheration or acquaint their advisers of the abeyant danger.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

Have you absent a admired one due to acknowledgment to asbestos? If so, amuse acquaintance us today to allege with an accomplished advocate who will accredit you to accept advantage for your affliction and suffering.

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Wrongful Death Suit Against Amoco Oil Co.

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