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Asbestos Claim Filed by Minnesota Woman

Asbestos Claim Filed by Minnesota Woman

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Asbestos Claim Filed by Minnesota Woman

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A woman from Minnesota who was afresh diagnosed with mesothelioma has filed a accouterment adjoin her above employer.

The plaintiff reportedly formed as a laborer at assorted locations in Minneapolis and was aswell self-employed alive accomplishing adjustment and allowance to advance rental properties.

Woman Blames Above Employer for Illness

Lorrayne Weiss names her formers employer, John Crane and Sprinkmann Sons Corp., which is a association based out of Illinois, as the capital actor in the suit.

Weiss says that during the advance of her application at the aggregation she was apparent to and inhaled asbestos fibers.

Also called as defendants in the suit, are 48 added companies, including CBS, Chrysler, Ford Motor Aggregation and General Electric.

Lawsuit Claims

According to cloister papers, the defendants knew or should accept accepted that the asbestos fibers independent in their articles were baneful and alarming to their employees.

“The plaintiff’s acknowledgment and inhalation, assimilation or assimilation of the asbestos fibers was absolutely accountable and should accept been anticipated,” says the complaint.

Weiss aswell claims that the companies bootless to crave and admonish advisers of hygiene practices that would anticipate them from accustomed fibers home on their clothing.

(Source: Madison County Record)

Have you been apparent to asbestos while at work? If so, amuse acquaintance us today to allege with anyone about the assets accessible to you.

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Asbestos Claim Filed by Minnesota Woman

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