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Asbestos Delays Demolition in PA

Asbestos Delays Demolition in PA

Asbestos Delays Demolition in PA

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

According to recent reports, construction crews in Pottsville, PA, discovered asbestos at a construction site that was prepared to be demolished.

As a result of the discovery of asbestos, that is located in the shingles covering of a building, the demolition project has been put on hold.

Contracting Company Finds Asbestos

CCM Contracting Inc., a sub-contractor hired by J.M.Brennan & Sons, found the asbestos in the building.

The asbestos was reportedly covering the “transite wall boarding” in the three-story building.

“It’s a non-friable type of asbestos. As long as it doesn’t get broken up and turned into flakes, it’s safe,” explains Brennan.

The Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is a harmful carcinogen that can lead to fatal illnesses when ingested or inhaled over an extended period of time.

Although the material was banned for use in the 1970’s, it is still prevalent in several old buildings in poses a threat in certain workplaces.

(Source: Republican Herald)

Have you or someone you know been wrongfully exposed to asbestos? If so, please contact us to speak with someone about the resources available to you.
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