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Asbestos Suit Seeks More Than $300.000 in Damages

Asbestos Suit Seeks More Than $300.000 in Damages

Asbestos Suit Seeks Added Than $300.000 in Damages

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

An asbestos accusation afresh filed in an Illinois cloister is gluttonous amercement in balance of $300,000 for the blameworthy afterlife of a man who died from mesothelioma. At atomic 94 defendants are called in the complaint.

Robert Briggs died from mesothelioma in March 2005. According to the lawsuit, Briggs developed the baleful ache as a aftereffect of work-related asbestos exposure. Prior to his death, he formed as a laborer at Owens Corning and Jay Wolfe Pontiac.

The lawsuit, which was filed by Briggs’ estate, claims that the defendants bootless to exercise able assurance precautions, included asbestos in their articles admitting the availability of acceptable alternatives, and bootless to acquaint workers of the dangers and accommodate assurance training a part of added things.

As a aftereffect of his disease, the complaint claims that Briggs suffered affliction and birthmark as able-bodied as abundant concrete affliction and brainy anguish.

The acreage is gluttonous both compensatory and castigating damages. Sarah Randle, Briggs’ sister and the ambassador of his estate, is aswell gluttonous amercement for the accident of accompaniment of her brother.

Victim of asbestos exposure? For added advice about your acknowledged rights and options, amuse acquaintance us today.

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Asbestos Suit Seeks More Than $300.000 in Damages

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