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California Man Files Asbestos Suit

California Man Files Asbestos Suit

Rewritten Article

California Man Files Asbestos Suit

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Rolland Bowen, who suffers from me

sothelioma, has filed a accusation claiming his ache resulted from his employers’ negligence.

Bowen claims that during his application from 1942 to 2003 as a laborer, mechanic, bus driver, branch work, and exterminator, and aswell during his automotive and home repairs, he was apparent to asbestos fibers from the articles and accessories he formed with or near.

The Suit

The clothing names as defendants 91 corporations, including Dow Chemical, General Motors, Honeywell International, U.S. Steel, Sears, and John Crane.

“The plaintiff’s acknowledgment and inhalation, assimilation or assimilation of the asbestos fibers was absolutely accountable and could or should accept been advancing by the defendants,” declared the complaint.

The clothing alleges that the defendants should accept known, or did apperceive that the fibers in their asbestos-containing articles could could cause austere abuse to those alive with or about them.

Bowen claims that the defendants acclimated asbestos admitting the actuality that safe, able substitutes were available. He aswell claims they bootless to accumulation instructions for the safe administration of asbestos, or techniques to anticipate or abate accustomed asbestos fibers home on clothes.

Because of the defendants’ negligence, Bowen claims, he was apparent to the asbestos fibers and as a result, developed mesothelioma, which has alone one accustomed cause: asbestos exposure.


He seeks $250,000 in amercement to awning the amount of his treatment, and to atone him for his abundant pain, brainy anguish, and the banking losses he has and will sustain because he can no best chase his career path.

“In accession to compensatory damages, an accolade of castigating amercement is adapted and all-important in adjustment to abuse the defendants for willful, wanton, intentional, and adventuresome delinquency and to avert them and others from agreeable in like delinquency in the future,” the complaint states.

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California Man Files Asbestos Suit

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