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Court Upholds Asbestos Testing

Court Upholds Asbestos Testing

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Court Upholds Asbestos Testing

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

According to report, levels of asbestos fibers in the air surrounding Northshore Mining Co.’s Silver Bay will abide to be tested.

Researchers are comparing the fibers at Silver Bay to those in the air in the city-limits of St. Paul.

Decision Made to Abide to be Cautious

The Minnesota Pollution Control Bureau airish the assiduity of testing surrounding the taconite-processing bulb to assure bounded residents.

Earlier this week, a three-judge console agreed with the bureau that the 34-year-old accepted bare to be upheld to ensure the bloom of the people.

Standard of Testing Live On

The accepted was reportedly aboriginal imposed in 1974 and requires the Silver Bay air to be activated for asbestos fibers.

The aftereffect of asbestos fibers in the air about St. Paul should be lower than the samples begin in Silver Bay.

This “control city” comparison, as it is called, was implemented because there is no affirmation of what levels of asbestos fibers are safe or alarming for humans.

(Source: Duluth News Tribune)

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Court Upholds Asbestos Testing

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