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Inspector Costs Calaveras County Thousands

Inspector Costs Calaveras County Thousands
Inspector Costs Calaveras Canton Thousands

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A above ambassador in Calaveras County, CA has reportedly amount the association hundreds of bags of dollars in accusation settlements involving architecture problems.

According to the Calaveras city-limits counsel, the ambassador has been complex in several lawsuits for allegedly acceptance inappropriate architecture practices.

Chief Architecture Ambassador Denies Allegations

Ray Waller, the above arch architecture ambassador for the county, denies that he did annihilation amiss and believes that the admonition bogus the abstracts and allegations.

Waller is aggressive to yield acknowledged action, claiming that he was wrongfully fired.

However, the abstracts confined as affidavit of the acumen for his deployment say otherwise.

Accusations of Abnormal Asbestos Removal

In 2003, Waller allegedly amount the canton bags in acknowledged fees, fines and cleanup costs for the abnormal and actionable abatement of asbestos from several architecture sites he was amenable for.

Workers were reportedly assassin to do renovations and hit asbestos-laden abstracts that an agent after aback advance if he angry on the air-conditioning system.

Reports affirmation that asbestos dust advance throughout the architecture and even into the appointment of the bounded Air Pollution Control District.

“He adapted to be accursed for the accomplished thing,” explains Donna Koplen, who owns the accepted application close that was assassin to do the renovations. “We weren’t told about any asbestos getting in the building.”

As a result, the canton reportedly paid an estimated $500,000 to appoint accountant asbestos removers yield affliction of the problem.

(Source: RecordNet)

Have you been the victim of asbestos exposure? If so, amuse acquaintance us to allege with anyone about the assets accessible to you.

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Inspector Costs Calaveras County Thousands

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