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Los Angeles: Man Awarded $9.7M in Asbestos Suit

Los Angeles: Man Awarded $9.7M in Asbestos Suit

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Los Angeles: Man Awarded $9.7M in Asbestos Suit

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A Los Angeles board afresh awarded a man from Georgia $9.7 actor in an asbestos accusation filed adjoin his above employers.

The man claims that he developed mesothelioma lung blight decades afterwards getting apparent to asbestos at his work.

Asbestos Acknowledgment at Work

Chief Y.R. Brewer, 66, was active as a Navy artisan acquaintance aboard the USS Preble in California for several years.

While aboard the ship, Brewer believes he was aback apparent to asbestos fibers.

“He was apparent to something he didn’t apperceive was dangerous. If he had, he would accept adequate himself,” explained his wife, Gale.

Plaintiff Developed Mesothelioma

Last year, Brewer developed cancerous mesothelioma, an asbestos accompanying affliction which affects the lining of the chest cavity.

After filing a clothing for his exposure, a board awarded Brewer and his wife $9.7 million.

The Navy was begin to be 50 percent amenable for Brewer’s illness, and Crane Co. was aswell called in the suit.

“He feels acceptable about it,” says Gale. “But his bloom is so bad. He can’t eat; if he eats it doesn’t break down.”

(Source: Mercury News)

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Los Angeles: Man Awarded $9.7M in Asbestos Suit

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