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Study: CT Scans May Not Prevent Lung Cancer Deaths

Study: CT Scans May Not Prevent Lung Cancer Deaths

Study: CT Scans May Not Prevent Lung Blight Deaths

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A new abstraction has begin that CT browse screening does not abate the amount of deaths or cases of avant-garde lung cancer, and may just advance to added accidental and adverse treatment. Added analysis will be done.

A ample abstraction is accepted to be completed in a few years but until then, because of the abridgement of affirmation that the screening saves lives, the American Blight Society does not acclaim the screening. Each browse costs amid $300 and $400 and is not covered by a lot of allowance companies.

The Study

The new abstraction appeared in yesterday’s Journal of the American Medical Association. It looked at the amount of avant-garde lung blight cases and deaths a part of 3,246 smokers and above smokers who accustomed annual CT scans for about four years.

Researchers compared the amount of deaths and avant-garde blight cases that occurred and compared it to the amount that would accept occurred after the screening, as predicted by a algebraic archetypal that has authentic to be authentic in the past.

The archetypal took into annual age, gender, smoker history and acknowledgment to asbestos.

“We don’t see a trace of affirmation that a individual activity was saved, that a individual case of avant-garde blight was avoided,” said abstraction co-author Dr. Peter Bach of New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Blight Center.

The archetypal predicted there would accept been 38.8 lung blight deaths with no screening, and there in fact were 38.

The CT scanning did access blight analysis and treatment, however. The buried humans were three times as acceptable to accept their lung blight diagnosed and 10 times added acceptable to accept it removed surgically than predicted.


Bach said that the cancers that were begin were apparently so slow-growing that they would never accept dead the patient, while the cancers that grew bound sprung up amid the annual tests.

“It’s like demography a photo of the night sky if you’re searching for a cutting star,” said Bach.

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Study: CT Scans May Not Prevent Lung Cancer Deaths

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