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Widow Awarded $5.5M in Wrongful Death Asbestos Suit

Widow Awarded $5.5M in Wrongful Death Asbestos Suit

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Widow Awarded $5.5M in Blameworthy Afterlife Asbestos Suit

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

An Illinois board has awarded about $5.5 actor to the added of a man who died of acknowledgment to asbestos in a blameworthy afterlife suit.

The accusation claimed that the companies John Hoogerwerf formed for never warned him of the dangers associated with acknowledgment to asbestos, and that as a result, he apprenticed blight and died in July of 2002 afterwards disturbing adjoin it for one year.

The suit, filed in summer 2004, aswell claimed abundant companies conspired to burrow the dangers of asbestos. However, this adjudication was adjoin alone Honeywell International Inc.

The companies allegedly complex in the cabal were Bendix, Union Asbestos & Rubber Co., Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Owens Illinois, Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp., Johns-Manville Corp., Raybestos-Manhattan Inc., Abex Corp.,

According to the suit, Hoogerwerf installed and formed with aqueduct insulation and boilers that acclimated abstracts broadcast by Bendix, which after became a subdivision of Honeywell.

John Hoogerwerf’s widow, Vicky, represented in allotment by Andrew Kelly, filed the clothing as ambassador of her husband’s estate.

Kelly said Mr. Hoogerwerf began alive with insulation in 1966, installing boilers and insulation pipes in automated barrio and ability plants throughout axial Illinois. Much of the beforehand allotment of his career was spent with Mechanical Insulation.

Bendix’s acclimated asbestos in its insulation products. Asbestos was aerial in the areas Hoogerwerf worked, according to the suit.

“It is a cogent verdict, but I anticipate it covers cogent amercement in a case area the board got to apprehend a lot of affirmation of a cabal a part of thee assorted companies and how they connected to advertise articles in ablaze of alive the hazards of asbestos,” said Kelly.

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Widow Awarded $5.5M in Wrongful Death Asbestos Suit

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