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Woman Files Suit for Benefactor’s Asbestos Exposure

Woman Files Suit for Benefactor’s Asbestos Exposure

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Woman Files Clothing for Benefactor’s Asbestos Exposure

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A woman active in Orange, Texas, afresh filed a accusation adjoin her benefactor’s antecedent employer’s claiming he was apparent to asbestos while at work.

The woman has filed the clothing adjoin 43 companies and claims they are all amenable for accidental to the man’s abrupt death.

Former Welder Suffers

Garland Adams reportedly formed as a welder and artisan for abounding years at assorted companies.

During his application he was amenable for alive with and about articles that were abstemious with asbestos.

Adams afresh died afterwards adversity from an asbestos accompanying illness.

Defendants Called in Suit

Among the 43 companies that are called in the accusation filed by Sherry Hearne, are Lockheed Martin and Zurn Industries.

The clothing claims the companies were behindhand and bootless to abundantly analysis their articles or accommodate their advisers with the able assurance accessory and equipment.

Hearne is suing for Adams’ affliction and suffering, his allotment and approaching medical expenses, and his accident of wages.

(Source: The Southeast Texas Record)

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Woman Files Suit for Benefactor’s Asbestos Exposure

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