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Florida Asbestos & Mesothelioma

Florida Asbestos & Mesothelioma

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Florida Asbestos & Mesothelioma

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Florida has developed a amount of industries that advance asbestos articles in their processing operations. There is aswell a processing bulb in Tampa that bogus insulation and added articles from vermiculite. For years one of the above sources of vermiculite has been a abundance in Libby, Montana that is now endemic by W.R. Grace. The mineral from this abundance has been begin to accommodate abundant amounts of asbestos; over 100,000 bags of it was alien to Tampa. The mineral is acrimonious to a actual top temperature in adjustment to use it for manufacturing: vermiculite from Libby appear asbestos fibers in plants beyond the country for decades.

Tampa’s vermiculite processing bulb is not the alone antecedent of asbestos acknowledgment in the state. There are a amount of actinic plants and ability plants that absolutely independent asbestos insulation at one time and conceivably still do. There are aggressive installations and shipyards in Florida, as able-bodied as NASA’s ability for ablution rockets for satellites and the manned spaceflight program. Florida has an all-encompassing accumulating of ability plants that accommodate electricity to the accompaniment and to the multistate filigree in the area. The accompaniment has a advanced array of abeyant asbestos contagion sites: as a result, Florida has one of the accomplished afterlife ante from mesothelioma in the United States.

Florida Asbestos Acknowledgment Jobsites

* Tampa Electric Ability Bulb - Apollo Beach, FL

* Armour Actinic Bulb - Bartow, FL

* W.R. Grace Phosphate Bulb - Bartow, FL

* Florida Ability Corporation (Progress Energy) - Bayboro, FL

* Florida Crushed Stone Company - Brooksville, FL

* St Regis Paper Company - Cantonment, FL

* Florida Ability & Light - Cape Canaveral, FL

* Kennedy Space Center - Cape Canaveral, FL

* Florida Ability Corporation (Progress Energy) - Crystal River, FL

* Patrick Air Force Base - Cocoa Beach, FL

* Georgia Pacific - Cross City,FL

* FPL Ability Bulb - Cutler, FL

* FPL Ability Bulb - Deltona, FL

* Eglin Air Force Base - Eglin, FL

* Gulf Ability Company - Escambia, FL

* American Container Paper Mill - Fernandina Beach, FL

* Rayonier Paper Mill - Fernandina Beach, FL

* FPL Turkey Pt. Nuclear Ability Bulb - Florida City, FL

* FPL Ability Bulb - Fort Myers, FL

* FPL Ability Bulb - Fort Lauderdale

* FPL St. Lucie Nuclear Ability Bulb - Fort Pierce, FL

* Chemstrand Company - Gonzales, FL

* White Springs Agricultural Actinic - Hamilton, FL

* Florida Ability Corporation (Progress Energy) - Higgins, FL

* CF Industries - Hillsborough, FL

* Tampa Electric - Hillsborough, FL

* Homestead Air Force Base - Homestead, FL

* Reliant Energy - Indian River, FL

* Bellinger Shipyard - Jacksonville, FL

* Gibbs Shipyard - Jacksonville, FL

* Keene Corporation - Jacksonville, FL

* St Regis Paper Mill - Jacksonville, FL

* U.S. Gypsum - Jacksonville, FL

* Exxon Oil Refinery - Jay, FL

* Hess Oil - Jay, FL

* Florida Ability Corp. (Progress Energy) - Live Oak, FL (Suwannee Plant)

* FPL Ability Bulb - Martin, FL

* U.S. Naval Station - Mayport, FL

* Reliant Energy - Osceola, FL

* American Cyamid - Pace, FL

* Georgia Pacific Paper Mill - Palatka, FL

* Wainwright Shipyard - Palatka, FL

* Arizona Actinic - Panama City, FL

* International Paper - Panama City, FL

* Smurfit Stone Container Company - Panama City, FL

* Tyndall Airforce Base - Panama City, FL

* Ashland Actinic - Pensacola, FL

* Gulf Ability Bulb - Pensacola, FL

* Monsanto Textiles - Pensacola, FL

* National Cork Company - Pensacola, FL

* Newport Actinic Bulb - Pensacola, FL

* Pensacola Naval Air Station - Pensacola, FL

* Pensacola Naval Shipyard - Pensacola, FL

* Tenneco - Pensacola, FL

* Calpine Auburn Ability Bulb - Polk, FL

* Florida Ability Corp. (Progress Energy) - Polk, FL

* IMC Phosphates - Polk, FL

* Mosaic Company (Cargill Fertilizer) - Polk, FL

* FPL Ability Bulb - Port Everglades, FL

* Arizona Actinic - Port St Joe, FL

* St. Regis Paper Mill - Port St Joe, FL

* FPL Ability Bulb - Putnam, FL

* FPL Ability Bulb - Sanford, FL

* Gulf Ability - Santa Rosa

* CPV Cana Ltd. - St. Lucie, FL

* Duke Energy - St. Lucie, FL

* Pratt & Whitney Aircraft - West Palm Beach, FL

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Accompanying Deaths in Florida

The government has fabricated abstracts accessible that provides the amount of asbestosis and mesothelioma blight deaths from 1979 to the year 2000. Over that period, there were 1,095 deaths from asbestosis and amid 1,976 to 3,432 mesothelioma deaths in the state. The ambit of deaths for mesothelioma represents the amount of recorded deaths and a college appraisal of deaths that cover both mesothelioma and deaths that may accept been attributed to addition blazon of cancer.

The federal government began tracking mesothelioma deaths anxiously in 1998. From that time through 2004 there were 1,095 deaths in Florida due to mesothelioma. Florida trails alone California in accepting the a lot of association accede to asbestos accompanying diseases.

Florida Mesothelioma Blight Treatment

The National Blight Institute has appointed forty one accessories about the country as Comprehensive Blight Centers, area both analysis and analysis are ongoing, accurate partially by the Institute. The appointed ability in Florida is:

H. Lee Moffitt Blight Center & Analysis Institute

University of South Florida

12902 Magnolia Drive

Tampa, Florida 33612-9497

Tel: (813) 615-4261

Fax: (813) 615-4258

William S. Dalton, Ph.D., M.D.

CEO & Center Director

The University of Florida Shands Blight Center

Has two locations:

Shands at University of Florida

1600 SW Archer Road

Gainesville, FL 32610

(352) 265-0111 or

(800) 749-7424.

Shands Jacksonville

655 West 8th Street

Jacksonville, FL 32209

(904) 244-0411

Florida Asbestos Abatement

Florida Asbestos and Mesothelioma Resources

Florida Asbestos Professionals

Florida Lung Association

Florida Asbestos & Mesothelioma

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