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Kentucky Asbestos Sites

Kentucky Asbestos Sites

Kentucky Asbestos Sites

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Kentucky association who accept been apparent to the hazards of asbestos accept been individuals who formed with articles absolute asbestos, or ancestors associates of these workers that inhaled asbestos fibers brought home on the worker’s accouterment and shoes. Asbestos fibers can could cause asbestosis and mesothelioma cancer; tens of bags of Americans accept been afflicted and accept filed claims adjoin asbestos manufacturers and above administration over the abolition of their health.

The affection for the baleful mesothelioma lung blight about don’t arise for twenty years or more, which is why abounding of its victims are individuals who retired from businesses area asbestos articles were in use. Asbestos was acclimated in abounding architecture products, a part of them beam tiles, flooring, roofing, and insulation. On automated sites accessories that acclimated calefaction to action their articles cloistral pipes and added automated accessories with asbestos.

Asbestos Jobsites in Kentucky

In Kentucky there is a accumulating of oil companies, actinic companies, annoy companies and aggressive installations that are prime candidates for asbestos acknowledgment in accomplished years. Power plants are addition class of automated ability that is accepted for asbestos use. Below is a fractional account of Kentucky worksites accomplished and present, that are doubtable of advertisement workers to asbestos. If you accept formed at any one of them in the accomplished and are anxious about your health, acquaintance your doctor immediately. You are advantaged to advantage for asbestos-related illness; acquaintance a Kentucky mesothelioma advocate see to it that your affirmation is candy bound and efficiently.

Ashland Oil Ashland, KY

Ashland Steel Co. Ashland, KY

Marathon Oil Ashland, KY

BF Goodrich Calvert City, KY

Pittsburgh Metallurgical Calvert City, KY

SKW Alloys Calvert City, KY

Owens Corning Danville, KY

TVA/ Paradise Power Plant Drakesboro, KY

Ford Power Plant Ford, KY

Fort Campbell Fort Campbell, KY

Fort Knox Fort Knox, KY

VA Hospital Fort Thomas, KY

Kentucky Utilities Ghent, KY

Big Rivers Electric Hawesville, KY

Henderson Power Plant Henderson, KY

Spencer Actinic Henderson, KY

Diamonite Mfg. Corp. Henderson, KY

Hudsonville Power Plant Hudsonville, KY

Kosmos Portland Cement Jefferson County, KY

AEC Plant Kevil, KY

Union Carbide Kevil, KY

Kosmos Portland Cement Kosmosdale, KY

Kraft Foods Lawrenceburg, KY

Ashland Oil Leach, KY

Martin Marietta Lewisport, KY

IBM Lexington, KY

Proctor & Gamble Lexington, KY

Barr Plant Lexington, KY

Individual Drinking Cup Co. Lexington, KY

General Telephone Bldg Lexington, KY

Owens Corning Fiberglass Lexington, KY

University of Kentucky Lexington, KY

Ward Corp. Lexington, KY

Asphalt Plant Lockport, KY

Bechtel Corp. Louisa, KY

Kentucky Power Louisa, KY

Martin Marietta Louisport, KY

Aetna Oil Louisville, KY

American Rubber & Actinic Louisville, KY

Arkala Corp. Louisville, KY

BF Goodrich Louisville, KY

American Tobacco Co. Louisville, KY

Anaconda Copper & Aluminum Louisville, KY

Ashland Oil Louisville, KY

Celanese Coatings Louisville, KY

Chevron Asphalt Louisville, KY

Dixie Beam & Insulation Louisville, KY

Dow Petrochemical Louisville, KY

Dupont Actinic Louisville, KY

Dupont Neoprene Plant Louisville, KY

Faucett Dearing Co. Louisville, KY

Ford Motor Co. Louisville, KY

General Electric Louisville, KY

General Insulation & Beam Louisville, KY

International Harvester Louisville, KY

Kentucky Utilities Louisville, KY

Klarer Packing Louisville, KY

L&N Railroad Louisville, KY

Louisville Gas & Electric Louisville, KY

Louisville Refining Co. Louisville, KY

M&T Actinic Louisville, KY

Olin Matheson Corp. Louisville, KY

Owens Corning Fiberglass Louisville, KY

Porcelain Metals Corp. Louisville, KY

Ralston Purina Louisville, KY

Rex Chain Belt Louisville, KY

Reynolds Aluminum Louisville, KY

Rohm & Haas Actinic Louisville, KY

Stauffer Actinic Louisville, KY

Sud-Chemie Inc Louisville, KY

University of Louisville Louisville, KY

VA Hospital Louisville, KY

Westinghouse Louisville, KY

Pet Milk Co. Mayfield, KY

General Annoy Mayfield, KY

Kentucky Power Coop Maysville, KY

Union Carbide Maytown, KY

Tenn Flake Middlesboro, KY

Morehead State Univ. Morehead, KY

Tennessee Gas Transmission Morehead, KY

American Tobacco Owensboro, KY

Fleischmann Distilling Owensboro, KY

General Electric Owensboro, KY

Owensboro Municipal Accessories Owensboro, KY

W.R. Grace Owensboro, KY

AEC Uranium Plant Paducah, KY

BF Goodrich Paducah, KY

TVA/Shawnee Steam Plant Paducah, KY

Union Carbide Nuclear Paducah, KY

Boron Oil Richmond, KY

Eastern Kentucky College Richmond, KY

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Russell, KY

Rockwell International Russell, KY

Big Rivers Steam Plant Sebree, KY

KBI Plant Sebree, KY

General Electric Sebree, KY

Hooker Electrochemical South Shore, KY

Occidental Actinic South Shore, KY

Kentucky Utilities Tyrone, KY

W.R. Grace Wilder, KY

East Kentucky Electric Coop Winchester, KY

Dupont Corp. Wurtland, KY

Asbestos Related Deaths in Kentucky

According to a abstraction of afterlife statistics conducted for the aeon 1979 to 2001 there were 118 deaths as a aftereffect of asbestosis. This ache is treatable and is not a anatomy of mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma, which is a baleful anatomy of cancer, was cited in 316 deaths of Kentucky association during that period. About the federal government did not alpha tracking mesothelioma deaths accurately until 1999. Between that year and the end of 2004 there were 169 accepted mesothelioma deaths.

It is about believed that mesothelioma deaths as a aftereffect of abode acknowledgment accept accomplished a plateau; about comparing a 5 year aeon of accepted after-effects with a twenty year address that may alone be partial, it seems the ache is still on the rise. In any case, tens of bags of Americans accept been afflicted and accept filed accountability claims adjoin asbestos manufacturers and administration who acclimated asbestos products.

Cancer Analysis in Kentucky

There are forty one accustomed medical centers about the country that accept been appointed by the National Blight Institute as absolute blight accessories for accommodating analysis efforts. Abounding of these accessories are already absorbed in blight analysis and will be prime candidates for analytic trials of anew developed blight treatments. The abutting for Kentuckians are the two in Ohio and the two in Tennessee:

Case Absolute Blight Center

Case Western Reserve University

11100 Euclid Ave.

Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Tel: (216) 844-8562

Fax: (216) 844-4975

Comprehensive Blight Center

Ohio State University

OSU James Blight Hospital

300 W. 10th Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43210

Tel: (614) 293-7521

Fax: (614) 293-3132

St. Jude Children's Analysis Hospital

262 Danny Thomas Place

Memphis, Tennessee 38105

Tel: (901) 595-3982

Fax: (901) 595-3966

Vanderbilt-Ingram Blight Centermost

Vanderbilt University

691 Preston Analysis Building

Nashville, Tennessee 37232

Tel: (615) 936-1782

Fax: (615) 936-1790

There is aswell a admired blight analysis and analysis centermost in Kentucky.

Markey Blight Center

Markey Blight Center

800 Rose St.

University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY 40536



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Kentucky Asbestos Sites

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