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Louisiana Asbestos Areas

Louisiana Asbestos Areas

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Louisiana Asbestos Areas

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Louisiana is home to a abundant amount of businesses that accept fabricated all-encompassing use of asbestos in the past. Forth the Mississippi River there are a amount of shipyards that accept been in business for decades. Asbestos was acclimated abundantly as insulation in bartering shipping. Louisiana Ability and Light operates added than a dozen accepted ability plants forth with their newer nuclear ability bearing facilities.

The accompaniment is axial to the oil industry forth the Gulf Coast. Louisiana is home to a ample amount of refineries, abounding of which are old abundant to accept acclimated asbestos in their accessories and processing equipment. There is aswell a advanced array of actinic plants, some of them old abundant to accept afflicted easily three or four times.

Facilities like this, which were able-bodied accustomed in Louisiana if asbestos was still in use, were aswell places of application area advisers were apparent to asbestos in its abounding uses. Actinic plants, refineries and shipyards are accepted for their use of asbestos for both insulation and for calefaction control. Some workers wore careful accouterment with asbestos fibers alloyed in to accord with top calefaction exposure.

Asbestos Acknowledgment from Hurricane Katrina

Of advance the a lot of contempo affair against Louisiana citizens is the bags of earlier homes that were destroyed by Katrina and will charge annihilation afore they can be replaced. Abounding if not a lot of of those houses accept asbestos in their roofs or floors or walls. The cleanup of toxics is an basic allotment of the rebuilding that has been traveling on in New Orleans and added locations of the Gulf Coast.

Asbestos Jobsites in Louisiana

Below is a fractional account of accessories in Louisiana that may accept acclimated asbestos or asbestos-coated apparatus forth their processing lines:

Shintech Plastics Addis, LA

Borden Actinic Addis, LA

Oxychem Addis, LA

Firestone Actinic Addis, LA

Louisiana Pacific Alexandria, LA

Proctor & Gamble Alexandria, LA

Martin Sawmill Alexandria, LA

Algiers Naval Station Algiers, LA

Todd Shipyard Algiers, LA

Avondale Shipyard Amelia, LA

McDermott Marine Shipyard Amelia, LA

American Sugar Refinery Arabi, LA

Domino Sugar Arabi, LA

Cargill Salt Avery Island, LA

Akzo Nobel Salt Avery Island, LA

International Salt Avery Island, LA

Exxon Baker, LA

Gulf States Fabricating Baker, LA

International Paper Bastrop, LA

Copolymer Rubber & Actinic Baton Rouge, LA

Georgia Pacific Paper Mill Baton Rouge, LA

Allied Actinic Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Baton Rouge, LA

Imperial Actinic Industries Baton Rouge, LA

Standard Oil Actinic Plant Baton Rouge, LA

Exxon Refinery Baton Rouge, LA

Consolidated Actinic Plant Baton Rouge, LA

Amoco Oil Baton Rouge, LA

Stauffer Actinic Baton Rouge, LA

Kaiser Aluminum Baton Rouge, LA

Millwood Packing Company Baton Rouge, LA

Solvay Actinic Baton Rouge, LA

Formosa Plastics Baton Rouge, LA

Foster Grant Actinic Plant Baton Rouge, LA

Gulf States Utilities Baton Rouge, LA

Maryland Tank Farm Baton Rouge, LA

Chevron Oil Belle Chasse, LA

Chevron Actinic Belle Chasse, LA

Gulf Oil Belle Chasse, LA

Gulf Alliance Actinic Belle Chasse, LA

Lula Sugar Belle Rose, LA

Crown Zellerbach Paper Bogalusa, LA

Gaylord Container Bogalusa, LA

Bogalusa Paper Mill Bogalusa, LA

Bossier Wire & Cable Corporation Bossier, LA

Rayco Shipbuilders And Repairs Bourg, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Boyce, LA

Amax Metals Braithwaite, LA

Cuban American Nickel Co. Braithwaite, LA

Louisiana Sugar Beau Bridge, LA

Cargill Salt Beau Bridge, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Bridge City, LA

Billeaud Sugar Factory Broussard, LA

Cinclare Sugar Brusly, LA

DuPont Actinic Burnside, LA

Weyerhaeuser Industries Campti, LA

W.R. Grace Carlyss, LA

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Carlyss, LA

Cosmar Actinic Carville, LA

Atofina Polystyrene Carville, LA

Mobil Oil Chalmette, LA

Exxon Oil Chalmette, LA

Tenneco Oil Chalmette, LA

Shell Oil Chalmette, LA

Murphy Oil Chalmette, LA

Bay Petroleum Chalmette, LA

Kaiser Aluminum Chalmette, LA

Freeport Actinic Convent, LA

Occidental Actinic Convent, LA

Texaco Oil Convent, LA

Humble Oil Crowley

Exxon Crowley

International Paper Cullen, LA

Dupont Actinic Darrow, LA

Sunoco Oil Delhi, LA

Georgia Pacific De Quincy, LA

Boise Cascade Deridder, LA

Crosby Actinic Deridder, LA

Ampacet Deridder, LA

Pan American Oil Refinery Destrehan, LA

C.F. Industries Donaldsonville, LA

Triad Actinic Donaldsonville, LA

First Nitrogen Plant Donaldsonville, LA

Agrico Actinic Donaldsonville, LA

Caire & Gaugnaird Sugar Edgard, LA

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Eunice, LA

Cabot Corporation Franklin, LA

Sterling Sugar Franklin, LA

Freeport Sulphur Garden Island, LA

Marathon Oil Garyville, LA

Nalco Actinic Garyville, LA

Shell Actinic Geismar, LA

Rubicon Actinic Geismar, LA

Vulcan Materials Geismar, LA

BASF Wyandotte Actinic Geismar, LA

Allied Actinic Geismar, LA

Honeywell Geismar, LA

Kaiser Aluminum Gramercy, LA

Colonial Sugar Gramercy, LA

Hooker Actinic Hahnville, LA

Union Carbide Hahnville, LA

Dow Actinic Hahnville, LA

Hunt Shipyard Harvey, LA

Smurfit Stone Paper Mill Hodge, LA

Bourg Drydock Houma, LA

Main Iron Works Shipyard Houma, LA

Progressive Shipbuilding Houma, LA

Quality Shipyard Houma, LA

Rayco Shipbuilders Houma, LA

Southdown Sugar Houma, LA

Louisiana Dock Co. Jefferson, LA

S.B.A. Shipyards Jennings, LA

St Mary Sugar Mill Jeanerette, LA

Patout Sugar Mill Jeanerette, LA

Stone Hodge Jonesboro, LA

Smurfit Stone Joyce, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Killona, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Lafayette, LA

Southern Gulf Operators Lafayette, LA

Olin Mathieson Actinic Lake Charles, LA

Firestone Tire & Rubber Lake Charles, LA

Continental Carbon Lake Charles, LA

Citgo Oil Lake Charles, LA

Gulf Coast Aluminum Lake Charles, LA

PPG Actinic Lake Charles, LA

Occidental Actinic Lake Charles, LA

Dow Actinic LaPlace, LA

Halter Marine Lockport, LA

Monsanto Actinic Luling, LA

Lion Oil Refinery Luling, LA

Celotex Marrero, LA

Johns Manville Marrero, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Minden, LA

Olin Mathieson Paper Mill Monroe, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Monroe, LA

McDermott Shipyard Morgan City, LA

Shell Actinic Narco, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Natchitoches, LA

National Machinery New Iberia, LA

Morton Actinic New Iberia, LA

American Marine New Orleans, LA

Avondale Shipyard New Orleans, LA

Boland Marine New Orleans, LA

City of New Orleans New Orleans, LA

Delta Shipyard New Orleans, LA

J.C. Higgins Shipyard New Orleans, LA

Equitable Shipyard New Orleans, LA

Halter Marine New Orleans, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light New Orleans, LA

Lone Star Cement New Orleans, LA

Marquette Insulation New Orleans, LA

Martin Marietta New Orleans, LA

Owens Illinois Glass New Orleans, LA

Todd Shipyard New Orleans, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light New Roads, LA

Dupont Corp. Norco, LA

Shell Oil Norco, LA

Kaiser Aluminum Norco, LA

Valero Refinery Norco, LA

Boise Cascade Oakdale, LA

Arizona Actinic Oakdale, LA

Kraft Paper Mill Pineville, LA

Proctor & Gamble Pineville, LA

Hercules Actinic Plaquemine, LA

Dow Actinic Plaquemine, LA

Dupont Actinic Plaquemine, LA

International Pipe Systems Port Allen, LA

Placid Oil Refinery Port Allen, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Ruston, LA

Crown Zellerbach St. Francisville, LA

Gulf States Utilities St. Francisville, LA

Atlas Oil Shreveport, LA

Allen Millwork Shreveport, LA

Bird & Son Roofing Shreveport, LA

General Motors Shreveport, LA

J.B. Beard Manufacturing Shreveport, LA

Kansas City Southern Railroad Shreveport, LA

Olin Mathieson Shreveport, LA

Pennzoil Shreveport, LA

Southern Shipbuilding Slidell, LA

Becker Actinic Taft, LA

Hooker Actinic Taft, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Taft, LA

Shell Gas Toca, LA

Conoco Westlake, LA

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Westlake, LA

Vista Actinic Westlake, LA

Louisiana Ability & Light Westwego, LA

Shell Oil Yscloskey, LA

Georgia Pacific Zachary, LA

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Deaths in Louisiana

In 2004 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) completed an analytic abstraction on the amount of asbestos-caused deaths in this country amid 1979 and 2001. Their arch ability was federal abstracts – and the federal government did not activate to clue deaths accurately from cancerous mesothelioma until 1999. However afterlife certificates will generally adduce a doubtable cause; cases that cited asbestos acknowledgment as the could cause of lung blight can be affected to be mesothelioma.

In Louisiana, the EWG abstraction letters 357 deaths from asbestosis during the 22 year aeon covered by the study. Mesothelioma deaths are recorded as getting in the ambit of 340 to 540. However from 1999 through 2004 based on absolute tracking of mesothelioma deaths, the federal government letters 278 occurrences in Louisiana. Clearly the arrangement of mesothelioma deaths reflects a acceleration – apparently due to the actuality that it generally takes twenty years or added for mesothelioma affection to arise afterwards the antecedent acknowledgment to asbestos.

Mesothelioma Analysis in Louisiana

The National Blight Institute (NCI) has developed a arrangement of forty one blight centers that are absolute blight analysis accessories affianced in abundant research. The NCI hopes to facilitate blight analysis by underwriting both analysis and analysis at these arresting facilities. The abutting such accessories to Louisiana are:

Dan L. Duncan Blight Center

Baylor College of Medicine

One Baylor Plaza

Houston, Texas 77030

Tel: (713) 798-1354

Fax: (713) 798-2716

M.D. Anderson Blight Center

University of Texas

1515 Holcombe Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77030

Tel: (713) 792-2121

Fax: (713) 799-2210

In Louisiana there are aswell blight centers that specialize in analysis and research:

The Tulane Blight Center

1430 Tulane Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: 504-988-6060

Fax: 504-988-6077

Feist-Weiller Blight Center

Louisiana Accompaniment University

1501 Kings Hwy.

Shreveport, LA 71130

(318) 813-1000

(866) 578-3922

Louisiana Asbestos Areas

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