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Asbestos Contractors Cited at SUNY

Asbestos Contractors Cited at SUNY
Asbestos Contractors Cited at SUNY

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

According to state records, asbestos-removal contractors at SUNY New Paltz have been cited 17 times in the past few years.

Many are now voicing their concerned about this lack of efficiency in the removal of asbestos.

The contractors at SUNY have reportedly been cited for:

* Having no asbestos-removal license
* Failing to conduct background air samples
* Failure to follow hazardous waste removal procedures

According to spokesman for SUNY New Paltz, Eric Gullickson, these are “minor” violations.

However, others, like Michael Heller, who lost his wife to mesothelioma, is concerned about the inefficiencies.

Heller’s wife was a former teacher who never discovered how or when she was exposed to the harmful substance.

“Anyone who understands what asbestos can do would be very upset, not for minor violations, but for violations where workers or anyone could be exposed to asbestos,” said Heller. “That is just not tolerable.”

Asbestos Problems at College

In 2004, hot water-heater pipes reportedly froze and burst at the SUNY New Paltz Lecture Center and the Humanities Building.

When the water spilled onto the tiling on the facilities floors, the glue underneath the tiles, which contained asbestos, became loose.

The college did not have a license to properly remove the asbestos and was not fined for the incident.

However, students and faculty members voiced their concern about the asbestos that they were being exposed to on a daily basis.

“They all know that if these contractors are getting sloppy, come on, they need to be doing something else,” said Heller.

(Source: Time Herald Record)

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Asbestos Contractors Cited at SUNY

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