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Asbestos Litigation News

Asbestos Litigation News

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Asbestos Action News

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

“Pfizer agrees to pay $430 actor for asbestos litigation”

September 4, 2004

Pfizer, Inc. is the world’s better biologic maker and has now agreed to pay $430 actor to boldness a lot of claimed abrasion claims adjoin its accessory Quigley Co. Pfizer bought Quigley in 1968, which awash articles absolute asbestos in the 1970s acclimated to covering steel-making equipment.

Asbestos was acclimated heavily until the 1980s as an insulation and fireproofing actual but was mostly phased out afterwards baleful illnesses were affiliated to its exposure. The assimilation of the mineral fibers has been affiliated to blight and respiratory illnesses. Quigley’s alone action back 1992 has been managing the top amounts of litigation. Pfizer and Quigley accept been called in 171,611 awaiting lawsuits claiming claimed abrasion acquired by asbestos, silica or alloyed dust exposure.

Quigley filed for federal defalcation aegis on September 3, 2004. Pfizer is still adverse 140,000 claims adjoin American Optical Corp., a business Warner-Lambert bought in 1967 and awash in 1982. When Pfizer acquired Warner-Lambert in 2000, the able biologic aggregation affiliated the liabilities as well.

Congressional leaders are aggravating to accede on a armamentarium to atone victims of abode asbestos exposure. Companies that fabricated articles with asbestos and their insurers will accounts this fund. Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle has proposed a $145 billion armamentarium and Republic Leader Bill Frist has proposed a $140 billion fund. Pfizer is accidental $405 actor over 40 years to a assurance that would pay actual and approaching claims adjoin Quigley.

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Asbestos Litigation News

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