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Asbestos Disease News

Asbestos Disease News

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization requests affair with President Bush

January 6, 2005

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) appear it has requested a affair with President George W. Bush to altercate asbestos legislation and its furnishings on victims and ancestors associates of victims afflicted by asbestos accompanying diseases and illnesses.

In a letter that was addressed to President Bush, the ADAO requested a affair afore or afterwards affair with business and industry “on this analytical topic.” According to the group, 10,000 Americans become ailing or die every year because of asbestos exposure, including accompanist Warren Zevon, amateur Steve McQueen and Representative Bruce Vento of Minnesota who all died because of mesothelioma.

The accumulation wants a adventitious to accommodated with the President so that the articulation of the victims can be taken into annual afore an asbestos bill is potentially passed. Emphasizing the charge to access allotment for research, apprenticeship and prevention, but a lot of chiefly ensuring individuals, high-risk industries and the medical association are able with the assets all-important to abate asbestos exposure, ensuring aboriginal diagnoses and bigger analysis options, the ADAO is founded by asbestos victims and their families.

According to the ADAO, the asbestos industry spent millions lobbying endure year, which was money that could accept abundantly contributed to developing an aboriginal admonishing analysis and affective afterpiece to a mesothelioma cure. While President Bush has not accustomed a specific band-aid to asbestos litigation, he supports capping medical abuse claims, attached chic activity lawsuits and added acknowledged reforms. President Bush affairs on discussing means to barrier asbestos lawsuits tomorrow in a accent in Clinton Township arctic of Detroit.

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Asbestos Disease News

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