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Woman Files Asbestos Suit for Brother

Woman Files Asbestos Suit for Brother

A clothing was afresh filed by a woman on account of her brother for his declared automotive artefact asbestos exposure.

Betty Tally claims her brother, Herbert Hollis, died due to his acknowledgment to asbestos while accomplishing home and automotive repairs.

Suit Claims Abode Exposure

Hollis was reportedly self-employed as a laborer area he caked and accomplished adhesive in residential neighborhoods.

From 1961 to 1990 Hollis was aswell active as a laborer at Consolidated Pipe, UAB, and Foundry.

During this time, Tally claims that her brother inhaled, ingested and captivated asbestos fibers from the articles that he was alive with and around.

Sister Accuses Above Employers

Talley has filed apparel adjoin 61 corporations claiming that they were acquainted of the asbestos risks and should accept done added to acquaint their employees.

The clothing blames the companies for Hollis’s afterlife from mesothelioma and states that the above administration bootless to accommodate able instructions apropos asbestos in the abode and able hygiene methods to abstain such exposure.

Brother Dies from Mesothelioma

Talley says her brother died in 2005 from mesothelioma, alone three years afterwards acquirements about his illness.

She claims that during this time, her brother accomplished a abundant accord of affliction and suffering, accident of accomplishment and accrued medical expenses.

Talley is gluttonous advantage in balance of $500,000, in accession to the amount of the suit.

(Source: The Madison St. Clair Record)

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Woman Files Asbestos Suit for Brother

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