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Asbestos in Acoustics

Asbestos in Acoustics

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Asbestos in Acoustics

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Asbestos in acoustics may be a austere botheration for homeowners, academy districts, appointment architecture or abode management, and communities with libraries, theaters, and retail spaces. These structures, if congenital afore the asbestos ban in 1978, may accept acoustic adhesive or acoustic finishes that accommodate asbestos, a baneful mineral that has acquired bags of cases of lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Acoustic Plaster, Acoustic Finishes

Asbestos was acclimated as a bounden actual in hundreds of architecture abstracts until the 1978 ban, but the absolute stocks of asbestos-containing materials, including acoustic adhesive and acoustic finishes, were absolved from the ban. Thus, even if your home or academy was congenital afterwards 1978, it may accommodate abounding abstracts that accept asbestos as a component. For example, ceilings with asbestos as allotment of an acoustic accomplishment were still getting installed in the 1980s.

"Popcorn" Ceilings

One of the a lot of accepted uses of asbestos in acoustics is the "popcorn" ceilings installed in the backward 1950s and beyond. These cottage cheese-looking "acoustic" finishes were a cheap, easy-to-install advantage that covered defects and poor ability in a ceiling. A lot of homeowners and abeyant homebuyers feel that these airheaded ceilings and acoustic finishes accord a actual dated, unappealing look, and abounding bodies accept had them removed.

Installation and Abatement of Asbestos Products

However, the abatement of a architecture actual such as acoustic adhesive or a airheaded beam that contains asbestos is a alarming activity, because if asbestos is disturbed, the tiny fibers of asbestos are appear into the air breadth they may be inhaled by bodies and pets. The fibers abode themselves central the body, initiating a ache action that can aftereffect in mesothelioma (a baleful cancer), asbestosis, lung cancer, and added austere maladies.

This aforementioned asbestos assimilation was a cogent accident for the individuals who installed or activated the asbestos-containing acoustic adhesive or acoustic finishes and those alive in the breadth — drywall installers, painters, laborers, and architecture specialists. Abounding of these workers accept developed mesothelioma or added asbestos-caused diseases afterwards spending years or even decades getting about asbestos products, blind of the austere hazard.

Learn More about Asbestos in Acoustic Products

If you accept lung cancer, mesothelioma, or addition ache due to your plan with acoustic adhesive or acoustic finishes that independent asbestos, acquaintance us today to altercate your banking and acknowledged options.

Asbestos in Acoustics

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