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Asbestos Law News Archives

Asbestos Law News Archives

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Asbestos Law Account Archives

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August 6, 2003 - "FAIR Act getting absitively on"


August 2, 2003 - "Veterans hit abnormally harder with asbestos accompanying illnesses"


July 29, 2003 - "Asbestos agitation continues decades later"


April 24, 2003 - "Mesothelioma Blight Widow Awarded $2.6 Actor in Asbestos Lawsuit"


April 24, 2003 - "Asbestos Trust in Midst of Approval"


April 23, 2003 - "Mesothelioma Death Shocks Wife"


April 9, 2003 - "Former Railroad Workers File Asbestos Lawsuits"


April 5, 2003, "New York Man Dying of Mesothelioma Awarded $47 Million"


April 2, 2003, "Asbestos Lawsuits Move Into Wider Area"

* October 1, 2001, Federal-Mogul Corporation Files Voluntary Chapter 11 and Administration Petitions to Resolve Asbestos Claims

* June 26, 2001, USG Files For Bankruptcy

* April 2, 2001, W.R. Grace & Co. Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petition to Resolve Asbestos Claims

* March 3, 2001, Asbestos victim awarded battleground compensation

* March 13, 2000, Feature Article: Libbys Aphotic Secret

* February 15, 2000, Vermiculite Articles Could Betrayal Consumers To Asbestos

= Asbestos Companies File For Defalcation =

June 26, 2001, USG Files For Bankruptcy

Since 1994, U.S. Gypsum has been alleged in added than 250,000 asbestos-related claimed abrasion claims, and has paid added than $450 actor for action afore allowance recoveries. The subsidiary's claimed abrasion costs accept added from $30 actor in 1997 to added than $160 actor endure year, and were accepted to beat $275 actor this budgetary year.

USG filed for defalcation aegis in U.S. District Cloister in Wilmington, Del., the accompaniment area USG is incorporated. ''Rather than ambidextrous with these lawsuits in accompaniment civilian courts, we bare to get them all in one cloister and afore one adjudicator and accept a fair hearing,'' Foote said. ''There are accurate victims of asbestos-related diseases. Moneys charge to breeze to them. We will admit and account those claims.''

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April 2, 2001, W.R. Grace & Co. Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petition to Resolve Asbestos Claims

Asbestos company, W. R. Grace & Co. appear that the aggregation has voluntarily filed for about-face beneath Chapter 11 of the United States Defalcation Code in acknowledgment to a acutely accretion amount of asbestos claims. This Chapter 11 filing includes 60 of Grace's calm entities. None of the Company's adopted subsidiaries are included in this filing.

The filing, fabricated today in the U.S. Defalcation Cloister in Wilmington, Delaware, will accredit the Aggregation to abide to accomplish its businesses in the accepted abode beneath cloister aegis from its creditors and claimants, while application the Chapter 11 action to advance and apparatus a plan for acclamation the asbestos-related claims adjoin it. The Aggregation intends to plan carefully with asbestos claimants and added creditors to advance a plan of about-face that will both abode accurate asbestos claims in a fair and constant abode and authorize a complete basic anatomy for abiding advance and profitability. Read More

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=Asbestos In The News=

March 3, 2001, Asbestos victim awarded battleground compensation

A woman who apprenticed mesothelioma by abrasion her husband's plan clothes has been ordered to accept added than $370,000 in advantage by the Dust Diseases Tribunal in New South Wales. Winnifred Brennan, 62, from Adelaide, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in July 1999.

Mrs. Brennan is accepted to reside alone addition 14 months and her payout is one of the aboriginal fabricated for a non-occupational asbestos case. Adjudicator James Curtis begin in the Dust Diseases Tribunal that Mrs. Brennan had affianced in a lifetime of account to her backward husband, a builder, and their ancestors of nine children. Part of that account complex abrasion her husband's plan clothes and visiting his architecture sites area he formed with asbestos. She was diagnosed with mesothelioma while she cared for her bedmate who was dying from terminal cartilage cancer. Read More

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March 13, 2000, Feature Article: Libbys Aphotic Secret

The abundance boondocks in northwest Montana captivated a aphotic secret. Near the Idaho border, 70 afar from the Canadian line, Libby is a commonsensical town. Because logging is way down and bounded mines accept closed, association accept accolade to acquisition new means of authoritative a living. But like humans in abounding baby Western towns, they accumulate to themselves.

Until recently, few humans alfresco Libby knew that a amazing amount of the town's association accept died of lung diseases, or that today, abounding ache from lung cancer. For at atomic two decades, it has been accepted ability a part of locals that their affection is acquired by asbestos-laced dust produced by a vermiculite abundance just alfresco town.

If it were alone the miners and barter drivers who apprenticed the diseases, the account would not be so shocking. But the men brought the accomplished particles of asbestos home in their plan clothes. When their wives befuddled out their clothing, the particles abounding their homes. Some men brought home truckloads of asbestos to mix with garden clay for bigger drainage. Others cloistral their homes with it. Wives and developed accouchement followed the adventure to the graveyard, a bisected footfall abaft the workers.Click actuality if you are experiencing asbestos acknowledgment accompanying ancillary effects

"This isn't just the alive men and their wives who are dying," says Gayla Benefield, whose parents, Perley and Margaret Vatland, both died of asbestos-related diseases. "This could go on to the fourth bearing aural families. My grandchildren watched my mother die and they were terrified. They asked me if they would die of that, too."

The tragedy in Libby from asbestos contagion developed slowly. Individuals fought their own clandestine acknowledged battles with the mine's owner, accumulated behemothic W.R. Grace & Co., a aggregation at the centermost of the 1996 book, A Civilian Action, and the cine based on it.

Last November, just as Grace was about to leave Libby in its dust, account of the asbestos contagion hit the civic press. Aural weeks, federal hazardous-waste teams were across-the-board the town, and the state's political leaders were scrambling to explain why they hadn't acted sooner. Two law firms were filing class-action lawsuits adjoin W.R. Grace, and the aggregation was backpedaling, able to awning asbestos-related bloom costs. Read More

February 15, 2000, Vermiculite Articles Could Betrayal Consumers To Asbestos

The U.S. Environmental Aegis Agency is investigating whether articles fabricated from vermiculite could betrayal consumers to asbestos. Preliminary analysis after-effects on accepted domiciliary articles announce that a decidedly baleful anatomy of asbestos fibers contaminates some attic insulation, but advisers do not yet apperceive whether accustomed use of these articles could endanger consumers.

Lungs adulterated with tremolite become affronted and eventually scarred, a action alleged asbestosis. Heavily aching areas can no best function, and victims become clumsy to animation effectively, because oxygen cannot get into the lungs and carbon dioxide and added algae cannot get out. The vermiculite ore at a abundance in Libby, Montana, was attenuated with tremolite.

At atomic 192 humans in Libby accept died over the accomplished 40 years from asbestos accompanying illnesses affiliated to the Zonolite mine. Most died of asbestosis, lung blight or mesothelioma, a blight of the lung lining. Added than 375 added humans in Libby accept aswell been diagnosed with asbestos accompanying diseases. Read More

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Asbestos Law News Archives

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