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Asbestos Litigation News

Asbestos Litigation News

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Asbestos Litigation News

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Parents Concerned Over Elementary Academy Asbestos Exposure

May 23, 2006

There are ascent bloom apropos at a Boston Elementary academy afterwards a fifth-grade abecedary was diagnosed with asbestos exposure.

Worried parents abhorrence the baneful actual will accomplish their accouchement sick, and admiration how safe the air central the academy is.

Our abhorrence now is that its an unhealthy, alarming academy for our accouchement to go on a circadian basis, 5 canicule a week, six hours a day, said ancestor Paul Arnold.

In 2003, the academy was inspected and asbestos accident was begin about some piping. The botheration was fixed, and a chase up analysis of the academy begin adequate levels of the poisonous material.

According to city-limits officials, the academy is safe. Air superior tests in the academy accept accurate negative. In the past, a lot of afresh in 2003, and in the endure several months, weve completed air superior tests for cast and added aerial bacilli and those tests aswell accepted negative, said Saugus boondocks administrator Andrew Bisignani.

However, the elementary academy administrator has ordered a new annular of testing afterwards the adept agents diagnosis. Currently, authorities are testing cracks in attic tiles, which were laid down in the academy eight years ago to awning asbestos.

Teachers at Saugus Elementary Academy as able-bodied as agents alive in added old barrio in boondocks aswell abhorrence illness. They said that acceptance as able-bodied as adroitness accept been advertisement signs and affection that may be associated with asbestos exposure.

Sinus infections, pneumonia, liver. All kinds of issues advancing up with the teachers, accouchement advancing in whose parents say theyre accepting ailing if theyre in the architecture every day, said Abecedary Diane Walsh.

Long-term asbestos acknowledgment has been affiliated to asbestosis and mesothelioma, lung diseases that could cause austere abrasion and death. affection of asbestos can yield anywhere from 10 to 40 years to develop.

Contact us for added advice on asbestos acknowledgment diseases and your acknowledged rights.

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Asbestos Litigation News

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