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Asbestos Suit Filed by County Workers

Asbestos Suit Filed by County Workers

Asbestos Suit Filed by County Workers

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

16 county workers, who claim they were unlawfully exposed to asbestos, recently filed a lawsuit in Cayuga County, New York.

The workers allege that their exposure occurred while they working in the Board of Elections Building.

Accusations Made Against County

The summons accuses the county of being negligent by allowing the workers to conduct daily operations in a building that was infested with asbestos.

“I’m accusing the county of gross negligence because of this outlandish, outrageous behavior,” commented attorney Carl DePalma.

Lawsuit Details

The suit claims that all 16 employees were exposed to asbestos between February and August 2006, without their knowledge.

Among the plaintiffs are Republican Election Commissioner Cherl Heary and deputy commissioners Thomas Prystal and Deborah Calarco.

The suit states that the employees were deprived of their civil rights and not given a safe place to work.

“The acts by the defendant were arbitrary, conscience-shocking, outrageous, egregious and made in knowing violation of numerous constitutional principles as well as federal, state and local laws,” states the summons document.

(Source: The Citizen)

Have you been the victim of asbestos exposure while at work? If so, please contact us today to speak with an experienced attorney who will enable you and your loved ones to receive the compensation that you deserve in these unfortunate circumstances.
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Asbestos Suit Filed by County Workers

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