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Asbestos on Beach Causes Concern

Asbestos on Beach Causes Concern

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Asbestos on Bank Causes Concern

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

After letters of asbestos at the Illinois Bank Accompaniment Park accept been appear to the public, association and admiral anguish about the beach’s safety.

Senator Dick Durbin has requested to accommodated with both federal and accompaniment admiral apropos the asbestos problem.

Investigation Finds Asbestos

Earlier this week, an analysis conducted by the Sun Times talked of the apropos surrounding the asbestos botheration at this accepted vacation spot.

The analysis led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to catechism whether the bank was acceptable for animal use.

Past Problems

This is not the aboriginal time the beach’s assurance has been put into question.

In April 2007, a letter beatific by the EPA to accompaniment admiral accurate affair apropos the “significantly elevated” levels of asbestos that were apparent at the park’s beaches during air ecology tests the antecedent summer.

Although studies accept assured that the beaches are allegedly safe, the agent is not convinced.

“I wish a bright compassionate about any abeyant threats of asbestos there,” said Durbin.

The Illinois Dunesland Preservation Society afresh answerable admiral with declining to calmly abolish the asbestos ridden bits that washes aloft shore.

Those complex advance that the beaches are activated anniversary anniversary during the active summer months.

(Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

Have you been apparent to asbestos? Contact us today to allege with a able advocate who will accredit you to yield acknowledged activity apropos your case.

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Asbestos on Beach Causes Concern

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