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Children Sue for Father’s Exposure to Asbestos

Children Sue for Father’s Exposure to Asbestos
Children Sue for Father’s Exposure to Asbestos

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The children and widow of a man, who died of lung cancer due to his supposed asbestos exposure, have filed a suit against his former employer.

The man was employed at the Port Arthur Texaco refinery as a pipe fitter helper and general laborer.

A Family Takes Action

After Floyd Williams Sr. passed away from lung cancer, his wife Shelby and their children are filing a wrongful death suit against Chevron U.S.A and Texaco Inc.

The family claims that Floyd was exposed to asbestos during the nine-year period he was employed with the companies.

Lawsuit Filed

“Even after the defendants knew the terrible truth about the propensity of asbestos to cripple, maim and kill, they remained mute when by reasonable effort they could have prevented the risk of cancer,” states the suit.

Floyd’s family claims he was told to handle products that contained asbestos such as thermal and electrical insulation products and cement products and coatings.

The suit says, “Defendants Chevron/Texaco were negligent in failing to warn Williams of the severe risk to his health posed by asbestos exposure and inhalation.”

The suit also asks that Chevron/Texaco compensate Floyd’s wife and his children for their tremendous loss.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

Have you or someone you know been wrongfully exposed to asbestos? Please contact us to speak with an experienced attorney who will enable you to receive compensation for any losses you have endured.
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Children Sue for Father’s Exposure to Asbestos

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