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Asbestos Problems at Louisiana State University

Asbestos Problems at Louisiana State University

Asbestos Problems at Louisiana State University

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Since campus renovations, asbestos has been found in many school buildings at Louisiana State University.

Exposed asbestos has been discovered on numerous places throughout the college campus.

Asbestos Contaminates Old Buildings

The 300 buildings on the school’s campus were reportedly built between the 1940’s and 1970’s and according to officials, it appears that the builders used asbestos as a building material.

Michael Hooks, the assistant director of Occupational and Environmental Safety, says that students and faculty members should be cautious when in the buildings and report any structural damages.

“Asbestos was used in installation for floor tile, ceiling tile and fire proofing spray,” Hooks claims. “ It was used so frequently because it was cheap to abstract and cheap to put into the building.”

Reported Increase in Asbestos

Since the renovations to the old buildings began, Hooks and Terry Grier, the assistant director for Environmental Maintenance, claim that there has been an increase in asbestos cases at the university.

Grier reportedly works every day removing the asbestos and says that asbestos occurrences take place at one or more of the buildings each day.

They are currently working to develop an asbestos removal problem to keep students safe, but with the immense amounts being found and discovered every day, there are no guarantees to prevent exposure.

(Source: The Daily Reveille)

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Asbestos Problems at Louisiana State University

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