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Asbestos Suit Filed by Tennessee Man

Asbestos Suit Filed by Tennessee Man

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Asbestos Clothing Filed by Tennessee Man

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A man who is adversity from mesothelioma afresh filed an asbestos clothing in a Madison County court.

The man claims his ache was wrongfully acquired and is blaming his antecedent administration for the affliction he now has to reside with.

Allegations Against Above Employer

The clothing was filed by James Weese, who was active as a pipefitter, laborer, and welder from the aboriginal 1940’s through the 1990’s at assorted locations throughout Illinois.

Weese claims that during his application he was apparent to and inhaled asbestos fibers from assertive articles that he was alive with and around.

118 defendants are included in the clothing including Alcoa, CBS, Exxonmobil, Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

The plaintiff believes that his above administration should accept accepted that the articles absolute asbestos were adverse to their workers.

No Assurance Pre-Cautions Taken

Weese states in the accusation abstracts that his above administration provided no assurance accessory or guidelines for their advisers who were alive with chancy products.

The defendants reportedly bootless to acquaint the workers of able hygiene practices, which were created to anticipate asbestos fibers from getting agitated home at the end of the day.

(Source: The Jere Beasley Report)

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Asbestos Suit Filed by Tennessee Man

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