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West Campus Owner Under Fire

West Campus Owner Under Fire

Rewritten Article

West Campus Buyer Under Fire

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan afresh filed a clothing adjoin the buyer of West Campus, Merie Huff, for declining to abolish asbestos properly.

Madigan claims that Huff is accusable in his captivation with the asbestos abatement action that happened at one of his properties.

Suit Claims Abnormal Removal

Madigan is accusing Huff and his tenant, Ben Slotky, of declining to appoint an asbestos architect to abolish an asbestos-laden attic during renovations.

The abstracts from the abatement were reportedly removed and placed in apparent debris bags.

Renovations Cause Controversy

Huff and developer, Tom Tincher were planning on converting West Campus into Gateway Center, which will affection baby businesses, a Bible college, and theater.

Tincher declared that the abounding entities are complex in the West Campus activity and he has accustomed the attendance of asbestos on the property.

Huff allegedly did not thoroughly audit the architecture for asbestos afore the renovations began, as is appropriate by the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants regulations.

Removal Poses Crisis to Community

The clothing aswell accuses the defendants of not afterward laws apropos asbestos abatement in adjustment to abstain contamination.

“Because there is no accepted safe acknowledgment akin to asbestos, this absent-minded and abnormal administration of a accepted carcinogen created a actual austere crisis to accessible health,” explains Madigan.

(Source: Pekin Times)

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West Campus Owner Under Fire

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