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City Officials Convicted of Exposing Inmates to Asbestos

City Officials Convicted of Exposing Inmates to Asbestos

Rewritten Article

City Admiral Convicted of Advertisement Inmates to Asbestos

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Earlier this anniversary two Oklahoma City-limits admiral were begin accusable of behindhand asbestos acknowledgment acceptance asbestos to be removed and appear into the air.

The two men were accused of advisedly advertisement two inmates to asbestos dust and banishment them to abolish it after able aegis in accordance with the law.

The Allegations

The City-limits Manager of Elk City, Oklahoma, Guy R. Hylton, Jr. and a architecture superintendent, Chick Arthur Little, reportedly acclimated two inmates from the Elk City-limits Work Center to abolish asbestos from an old railroad depot.

According to the cloister papers, the two inmates were not provided with the able careful accessory to be alive with and about the alarming carcinogen.

The law requires anyone alive about asbestos to abrasion careful accouterment and yield careful measures; however, the city-limits admiral did not accord the inmates such options.

Jury Decides

After audition the case, the board assured that the city-limits admiral advisedly and abominably acquired the absolution of asbestos into the air putting the inmates and added association in the surrounding areas at risk.

“Public admiral acclimated prisoners to abolish cancer-causing asbestos after careful equipment,” explained Granta Nakayama, EPA abettor ambassador for Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “All humans deserve aegis from acknowledgment to ecology hazards, no amount their base in life.”

(Source: Newswire)

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City Officials Convicted of Exposing Inmates to Asbestos

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