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EPA Conducts Asbestos Sampling

EPA Conducts Asbestos Sampling

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EPA Conducts Asbestos Sampling

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is currently administering asbestos sampling in Alviso, CA, afterwards association and city-limits admiral accurate affair about the breadth getting attenuated with asbestos.

“We are sampling in adjustment to actuate if there is any abeyant for cogent acknowledgment to asbestos from accustomed dust-generating activities, such as active a car or bicycling,” explains Eric Yunker, the EPA activity manager.

Where Will the EPA Focus Its Sampling?

The EPA is sampling assorted areas in and about the South Bay Asbestos Superfund Site, including:

* Unpaved barter yards breadth there is a acceptable bulk of vehicular traffic

* State Street and the majority of the added streets in the surrounding communities

* Local schools

To date, the above sources of asbestos acknowledgment at the website were getting maintained by the capping of the landfills or accept been removed; however, abounding still accept asbestos fibers and dust could be communicable the area.

EPA Technicians Yield Action

The EPA absitively to conduct the testing afterwards contempo advice showed that soil-based sampling generally underestimates the acknowledgment of those complex in activities, such as active and bike riding, which could afflict the soils absolute asbestos.

During the testing, EPA technicians yield air samples while aesthetic soil-disturbing activities such as raking the arena and active a vehicle, that may could cause asbestos exposure.

(Source: Region 9 News)

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EPA Conducts Asbestos Sampling

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