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Congress Agrees to Fund $9.4M for Asbestos Removal

Congress Agrees to Fund $9.4M for Asbestos Removal

The U.S. Navy afresh accustomed $9.4 actor in allotment to abolish a ammunition activity that is reportedly breakable with asbestos.

The activity runs amid Brunswick Naval Air Station and George J. Mitchell Field.

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe affirmation that the allotment has been included in the account for 2008.

Collins says the allotment is a “done deal.”

Potentially Hazardous Pipeline

The underground activity was congenital in 1952 and was acclimated to backpack jet ammunition to the abject from the ammunition annex in Harpswell in 1992.

The band runs below 14 backdrop and was reportedly anchored shut in 1996.

In 2004, the Maine Department of Ecology Protection accurate their apropos about the assurance of the activity afterwards they apparent it was attenuated with asbestos.

Although the Navy initially capital to alteration the activity and just leave it in the ground, the boondocks of Harpswell beneath and requested it to be removed.

Plans to Abolish the Pipeline

The Navy claims that already the ecology planning is complete, Navy admiral will abide a plan to Snowe’s and Collins’ agents to alike with the Maine Department of Ecology Protection and to again acquaint this plan with the town.

“$9 actor is peanuts,” says Harpswell Selectwoman, Amy Haible. “Asbestos is a accepted carcinogen. If there is any achievability that anyone gets ailing ad sues the Navy, $9 actor is annihilation compared to the amount of a activity and a lawsuit.”

(Source: Times Record)

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Congress Agrees to Fund $9.4M for Asbestos Removal

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