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Man Files Lawsuit for Exposure to Asbestos

Man Files Lawsuit for Exposure to Asbestos

A man in Massachusetts filed a mesothelioma accusation in Madison County on June 4 advertence that his acknowledgment to asbestos while alive is to accusation for the ache he now has to reside with.

Wallace Bunyea has been adversity from mesothelioma back April 2006 and alleges that it was his job alive as a supply driver, cleaner and systems artisan that is the could cause for his disfigurement.

The Claim

Bunyea has called nine altered actor companies in his affirmation including Bondex International, Garlock, Pneumo Abex and Young Insulation Group.

He states that all of the nine companies either knew or should accept been acquainted of the asbestos fibers that were independent in their products.

The plaintiff aswell explains that the corporations acclimated asbestos in their articles even if added substitutes would accept been sufficient.

He aswell claims they bootless to accommodate any assurance guidelines for advisers who were administration the products.

According to Bunyea not alone does he accept to reside with mesothelioma as a aftereffect of the asbestos exposure, but he aswell has suffered “great concrete affliction and brainy anguish, and aswell be hindered from advancing his accustomed advance of employment.”

Seeking Justice

Bunyea is searching to accept at atomic $100,000 in amercement for apathy and wanton conduct.

He aswell states, “In accession to compensatory damages, an accolade of castigating amercement is adapted to avert them and others from agreeable in like delinquency in the future.”


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Man Files Lawsuit for Exposure to Asbestos

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