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Cops Exposed to Asbestos During 2004 RNC

Cops Exposed to Asbestos During 2004 RNC

Rewritten Article

Cops Apparent to Asbestos During 2004 RNC

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

More than 42 NYPD admiral accept filed letters in the after-effects of the 2004 Republican National Assemblage claiming that they, too, were apparent to agent dust, atramentous oil and asbestos fibers.

Lawsuits accept already been filed by the detainees who were accepted into Berth 57 during the assemblage and are aswell claiming that they were apparent to acrid solvents.

Lawsuits Filed by Detainees

Reports, which accept been acquired from the Environmental Justice Law Project, are allegedly constant with the plaintiffs’ affidavit for those who accept filed clothing adjoin the city-limits of New York and the Hudson River Park Trust.

The plaintiffs affirmation that the NYPD captivated them in ailing altitude at the berth for an boilerplate of 33 hours.

They address that they were put into metal cages and the floors were covered in an adipose substance.

Officers Show Concern

After abounding of the detainees appear accepting bloom problems afterward their time at the pier, abounding admiral began to abound anxious about their own health.

Some admiral abounding out forms apropos the detainees cases afterwards seeing signs throughout the ability admonishing of asbestos problems.

Others were reportedly already activity the furnishings of the asbestos they had been apparent to during the time that they spent at the pier.

“In the years that I formed there, it became my belief-and it still is my belief- that there was a array of blight cases at the depot,” explains James Mahoney, a above dispatcher.

He adds that even with accustomed operations, there were acknowledgment issues.

“There were consistently oil leaks, rivers of oil, in the basement down below, area they done the buses. A amount of chemicals were there, in aperture barrels. It was a mess,” appear Mahoney.

(Source: Chelsea Now)

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Cops Exposed to Asbestos During 2004 RNC

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