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Suit Over Wife’s Death Can Proceed

Suit Over Wife’s Death Can Proceed

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Suit Over Wife’s Death Can Proceed

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A man who filed a accouterment afterwards his wife died from mesothelioma has been accustomed permission by the cloister to chase through with the suit.

The Cloister of Appeals absitively that the employer has an according appropriate to assure his ancestors as he does himself.

Exposure to Asbestos

Larry Rochon, a antecedent artisan at the Scott Paper Co. was allegedly apparent at plan during the 1950’s and brought home asbestos fibers on his clothing.

His backward wife, Adeline Rochon, would apple-pie his clothes nightly and neither of them knew until she was diagnosed with mesothelioma that they were getting apparent to the adverse substance.

Lawsuit Details

Rochon filed the accouterment claiming that the Scott Paper Co. acted with apathy for not giving able warning’s of accessible asbestos acknowledgment in the plan place.

In 2006, a adjudicator disqualified that it is not the employer’s obligation to assure the ancestors member’s of their employees.

However, the Cloister of Appeals afresh disqualified that the ancestors as able-bodied as the artisan should be fabricated acquainted of acknowledgment to adverse chemicals.

“For the aboriginal time a Washington cloister says an employer has a assignment to assure ancestors associates from asbestos on worker’s clothes,” explains Rochon’s attorney, Matthew Bergman.

(Source: Herald Net)

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Suit Over Wife’s Death Can Proceed

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