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Family Files Suit for Asbestos Illness

Family Files Suit for Asbestos Illness

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Family Files Clothing for Asbestos Illness

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The ancestors of a man who died of lung blight in 2002 has filed a clothing adjoin his above employer for advertisement him to asbestos.

The clothing was filed with the Jefferson County District Court aboriginal this month.

Suit Claims Workplace Exposure

Ray Fontenot Sr. formed as an oil abettor at the Sabine Towing and Transportation Aggregation for over a decade.

Linda O’Connor, Fontenot’s benefactor, is suing the aggregation claiming that they “played a allotment in bearing his lung cancer” due to the asbestos he was apparent to while at work.

“While Fontenot was alive aboard vessels, he was apparent to asbestos dust and/or fibers,” claims the suit.

Medical Documents

Medical documents, which accompanied the suit, appearance that the majority of Fontenot’s asbestos acknowledgment came during the years that he was active at Sabine Towing and Transportation Company.

O’Connor filed the clothing to accept advantage for Fontenot’s accomplished concrete and brainy anguish, absent accomplishment and burial expenses.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

Do you apperceive anyone who has died due to asbestos exposure? If so, acquaintance an asbestos advocate today so you can book a clothing on account of your admired ones.

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Family Files Suit for Asbestos Illness

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