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Asbestos Victim Files Suit Against 90 Companies

Asbestos Victim Files Suit Against 90 Companies

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Asbestos Victim Files Suit Adjoin 90 Companies

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A man who is adversity from mesothelioma, which is acquired alone by asbestos exposure, filed a accusation in a Madison County Circuit Court adjoin 90 companies, including Ford Motor Company, John Crane, Owens-Illinois, Dow Chemical, General Electric, Sears, Viacom, and General Motors.

Allen Beyersdorf claims that over the advance of his employment, and while accomplishing home automotive repairs, he was apparent to asbestos fibers from assertive articles he was alive on, with, and around.

The complaint states, “the plaintiff’s acknowledgment and inhalation, assimilation or assimilation of the asbestos fibers was absolutely accountable and could or should accept been advancing by the defendants.”

Beyersdorf alleges the defendants should accept known, or did apperceive that the asbestos in their articles was toxic, and acutely chancy to animal health. He added claims that the defendants acclimated asbestos if safer substitutes were available, and that the companies bootless to accumulation acceptable instructions apropos alive with asbestos safely.

He aswell claims that none of the defendants adapted or brash their advisers of able hygiene practices to anticipate or abate accustomed asbestos fibers to the home.

He seeks at atomic $250,000 in amercement to pay for the analysis of his mesothelioma, which he claims

resulted from the 90 companies’ apathy apropos asbestos use, and for the absent accomplishment his affection will cause.

The complaint aswell states, “in accession to compensatory damages, an accolade of castigating amercement is adapted and all-important in adjustment to abuse the defendants for willful, wanton, advised and adventuresome delinquency and to avert them and others from agreeable in like delinquency in the future.”

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Asbestos Victim Files Suit Against 90 Companies

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