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General Dynamics Corp. and Asbestos

General Dynamics Corp. and Asbestos

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General Dynamics Corp. and Asbestos

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General Dynamics Corporation is one of the better aegis contractors in the world, and it has a continued history back the backward 19th century, in actuality of authoritative ships, submarines, airplanes, and added cars that accept apparatus that independent alarmingly top levels of asbestos. In contempo years, General Dynamics has been the actor in a cogent amount of asbestos lawsuits filed by those who accept suffered austere abrasion because of asbestos exposure.

General Dynamics by Added Names

Below are some General Dynamics companies, some of which accept aswell been called as defendants in asbestos lawsuits:

* •Electric Boat Company


• Mercury-Atlas (rockets)

• National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO)

• Bath Iron Works

• Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

• Asbestos Corporation Ltd.

Many Articles with Asbestos

Over the accomplished century, General Dynamics has active tens of bags of humans to accomplish bags of aircraft, sea vessels, etc. for the U.S. Navy, added branches of the military, and bartering customers. Among the a lot of accepted General Dynamics articles are:

* • Gulfstream jets

• Tankers

• Submarines

• Surface action ships

The apparatus of General Dynamics articles such as these additional the steelyards, shipyards, and worksites breadth they were bogus generally had asbestos at a akin that was baneful to cadre in the area. Bags of individuals who formed on these articles in the decades afore the 1980s accept apprenticed asbestos-related diseases including:

* • asbestosis

• Lung cancer

• Mesothelioma

Asbestos Can Be Deadly

Working with asbestos can put a being at accident of inhaling the airy fibers of which asbestos is made. The fibers can become lodged in the body’s lungs and/or added centralized organs, breadth they may advance to the development of austere illnesses. The affection of asbestos-caused diseases may not become accessible until decades afterwards the acknowledgment to asbestos occurred.

Once the affection are present and diagnosed correctly, it may or may not be too backward for treatment. Mesothelioma, for example, is about consistently fatal. Unfortunately, abounding humans who were address and aircraft workers in the 1940s and 50s accept been diagnosed with mesothelioma back the 1980s.

Learn More

If you accept been diagnosed with an asbestos-related ache afterwards alive at General Dynamics, acquaintance us today to apprentice added about your acknowledged options.

General Dynamics Corp. and Asbestos

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