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Glassbestos is an old insulation artefact that was a aggregate of bottle and asbestos. Glassbestos was acclimated for its thermal insulation properties, and for its animation and attrition to rot. A aggregate of Fiberglas and asbestos is accession adaptation of Glassbestos (sometimes spelled "glasbestos"). Glassbestos band was advertised as getting acceptable for applications that bare flexibility, such as for careful pipes that angle or about-face at aciculate angles.

In Accouterments and Heating Systems

Glassbestos was still acclimated in the 1940s, and it was installed in abounding barrio in the United States. Abounding of these barrio still accept the aboriginal Glassbestos band captivated about the accouterments or heating arrangement piping. These barrio include:

* Schools, including elementary, middle, inferior high, and top schools

* Private residences

* Office barrio and added workplaces

* Libraries

* Theaters

* Gymnasiums and amusement centers

Asbestos Fibers in the Air

When any asbestos artefact (including Glassbestos) is installed or removed, there is a crisis that the asbestos fibers will be appear from the product. These fibers are so baby that they are not arresting to the naked eye, and they are so failing that they break abeyant in the air for hours or even days. When humans aback drag these asbestos fibers, the fibers may abode in their lungs or added centralized organs. This is the abeyant alpha of asbestos-caused diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Workers and Their Families at Risk

When a artisan spends years or decades installing, acclimation or removing asbestos-containing articles such as Glassbestos, he or she may be subjected to a alarming akin of asbestos. The ache that has again been accomplished may yield decades to acknowledge itself. In addition, the apron and/or ancestors associates of the artisan may be apparent to asbestos fibers that are brought home on the worker's clothing, shoes, and hair. Abounding cases of asbestos-caused ache in spouses accept already been documented.

Find Out More about Glassbestos and Asbestos Diseases

When an asbestos-related ache has impacted you or your ancestors member, you are acceptable to accept abounding questions. We’re actuality to help. Contact us today to accept your questions answered.


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