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Man Sues for Asbestos Related Illness

Man Sues for Asbestos Related Illness

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Man Sues for Asbestos Accompanying Illness

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Robert E. Snowden, afresh sued several companies for his asbestos accompanying ache which he claims was the aftereffect of the asbestos he was apparent to while alive as an engineer.

Snowden is now filing addition clothing for a “different asbestos related” abrasion due to smoker cigarettes.

Asbestos Allegations

Snowden is suing A.O. Smith Corp. and 68 added above corporations for distributing and accomplishment products, which accommodate asbestos, in Jefferson County.

According to Snowden’s attorney, Brian Belvins, this is the additional clothing of this affectionate that has been filed in the accomplished two weeks.

Snowden, 71, who has formed as an architect in refineries back 1964, is aswell allotment Lockhead Martin and adamant supplier Zurn Industries in his suit.

Minnesota Mining and Accomplishment Corp. are aswell called in the clothing for bearing abnormal masks that didn’t accommodate able aegis for employees.

The address claims the 69 defendants were behindhand and bootless to analysis their asbestos-laced articles afore putting them on the market.


Snowden is acquisitive that in the clothing he will be compensated for his concrete affliction and suffering, his brainy anguish, accident of wages, accident of earning capacity, concrete crime and medical expenses.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

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Man Sues for Asbestos Related Illness

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