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Senator and Cancer Patient Fight for Asbestos Ban

Senator and Cancer Patient Fight for Asbestos Ban

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Senator and Blight Patient Action for Asbestos Ban

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A woman dying from blight acquired by asbestos acknowledgment batten about her abrupt ache at a columnist appointment captivated at the Fred Hutchinson Blight Center endure week.

Senator Patty Murray lent her abutment to Judy Clauson and to the abounding victims of asbestos acknowledgment that accept not had a articulation in the action to ban the use of asbestos.

Cancer Diagnosis

Last year, Clauson was diagnosed with blight due to asbestos acknowledgment from abrasion her ex-husband’s clothes throughout the years.

Clauson’s ex-husband was active at a metal branch in the 70’s and Clauson would was his clothes anniversary night, blind that they were covered with dust that independent asbestos fibers.

“I feel cheated. There were no admonishing labels. I didn’t apperceive what I was breath in,” says Clauson.

Push to Ban Asbestos

Experts who aswell abounding the columnist appointment claimed that abounding Americans accept asbestos has already been banned, which is far from the truth.

Murray says that asbestos continues to be acclimated for anchor pads, tiles and in pipes throughout the country.

Because of the connected use of this baleful substance, Murray is blame to ban it in the U.S.

She is accommodating to financially aback analysis for asbestos accompanying diseases and brainwash humans on the dangers of asbestos products.

Is a Ban Overdue?

According to Clauson’s doctors, the blight is overextension rapidly and she may not reside continued abundant to see Murray’s advised ban legalized.

“I wish to see my sons get affiliated and my grandbabies be born. And to be honest, I’m angry. I’m actual angry,” says Clauson. “How abounding humans accept to die afore they do something about this?

(Source: KIRO News)

Have you or anyone you adulation been the victim of asbestos exposure? Please acquaintance us to allege with an accomplished asbestos advocate who will accord you the abutment and advice you need.

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Senator and Cancer Patient Fight for Asbestos Ban

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