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Missouri Asbestos Complaint Filed

Missouri Asbestos Complaint Filed
Missouri Asbestos Complaint Filed

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

An asbestos complaint was filed adjoin 79 corporations by the acreage of Ambrose Poss claiming that he was apparent to asbestos while active as a artisan and administrator at assorted locations in Missouri.

Ambrose died afterwards aggressive mesothelioma and his son, Douglas, filed the complaint on his father’s behalf.

A Son’s Claims

Douglas Poss claims that his ancestor was apparent to asbestos while alive on automotive repairs, aliment and adjustment projects.

The defendants called in the complaint include:

* Chrysler

* Deere & Company

* Ford Motor Company

* General Electric

According to Poss, the defendants included asbestos fibers in their articles if they knew that they could be adverse to their employees.

As a aftereffect of the company’s negligence, Poss claims that he was apparent to fibers absolute asbestos, which acquired him to advance mesothelioma.

Seeking Compensation

Poss claims that above-mentioned to his father’s death, he suffered from abundant affliction and brainy anguish.

He is gluttonous $250,000 in amercement for apathy and conspiracy.

(Source: The Madison County Record)

Have you absent a admired one due to asbestos exposure? If so, amuse acquaintance an accomplished asbestos advocate today who will accredit you to seek advantage for your loss.

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Missouri Asbestos Complaint Filed

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