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Woman Claims Clothes Caused Mesothelioma

Woman Claims Clothes Caused Mesothelioma

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Woman Claims Clothes Acquired Mesothelioma

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A California woman alleges that acknowledgment to asbestos from her father’s and ex-husband’s accouterment acquired her to advance mesothelioma. She filed a accusation in an Illinois cloister endure anniversary gluttonous amercement from 76 actor corporations.

Maria Cavallini, a above flight attendant, claims that her father, Publio Cavallini, and ex-husband, Dan Gardner, formed about asbestos and agitated dust burdened with the chancy fibers home on their clothing.

Gardner formed as both a salesman and laborer and Publio Cavallini as a asphalt installer.

“Dust created by alive with and about asbestos and asbestos-containing articles would charge the being and accouterment of the plaintiff’s ancestors members. This dust independent asbestos fiber,” states the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, Cavallini “would be again apparent to this asbestos dust from her ancestors members’ being and clothing.”

Cavallini aswell blames non-occupational asbestos acknowledgment from home and automotive projects for her illness, which was diagnosed on February 14.

She is gluttonous added than $300,000 in compensatory and castigating damages, citation the defendants’ abortion to admonish their advisers of able hygiene practices and acute these practices be followed to anticipate advertisement others to asbestos fibers.

(Source: The Madison Record)

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Woman Claims Clothes Caused Mesothelioma

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