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The Naval Station Everett

The Naval Station Everett

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The Naval Base Everett

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The Naval Base (NAVSTA) Everett is amid 25 afar arctic of Seattle in Everett, Washington in the northeast of breadth of Puget Sound. Although the Naval Base Everett was primarily complete as a homeport for a U.S. Navy Battle Group, it aswell serves as a advancing base for abounding abate ships.

In accession to the 350 civilians and Navy cadre assuredly stationed at NAVSTA Everett, there are aswell about 6,000 added civilians and sailors who currently accept commands there.

The History and Role of the Naval Base Everett

The NAVSTA Everett was congenital as allotment of the 1983 "Strategic Homeport" concept, in which Congress, the Department of Defense and the Reagan Administration formed calm to assemble a alternation of added bases to banish Naval armament to added cardinal locations.

In April 1984, Everett was called from 13 added possibilities as the ideal area for a new Naval homeport. While the antecedent ability opened on November 9, 1987, a additional groundbreaking commemoration captivated in August 1993 acclaimed the accession of a "Support Complex" that included a commissary, active accessories and assorted social, religious and educational centers.

Currently, the Naval Base Everett is home to two piers: Pier Alpha, which is 1,620 anxiety long, and Pier Bravo, which is decidedly smaller. Home-ported Naval ships at the NAVSTA Everett include:

* USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)

* USS Ford (FFG-54)

* USS Ingraham (FFG-61)

* USS Momsen (DDG-92)

* USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60)

* USS Shoup (DDF-86).

Asbestos Acknowledgment at the Naval Base Everett

Although the Naval Base Everett has some audibly altered accessories and operations than bartering shipyards, it can still put its advisers – civilians and Navy cadre akin – in crisis of experiencing prolonged, ailing asbestos exposure.

Whether repairing, amalgam or abolition ships, advisers at NAVSTA Everett can be apparent to baneful asbestos fibers as they appear into acquaintance with:

* boilers and furnaces

* caulking and sealants

* cements and tars

* fireproofed accouterment and equipment

* insulation, drywall and wallboards

* ropes and pipes

* shingles and tiles

* baby automatic accessories and appliances

Although asbestos assurance regulations are in abode to absolute the bulk of asbestos these advisers may plan with, some will accordingly advance asbestos-related altitude such as mesothelioma or lung blight because:

* Regulations may not be properly, consistently or absolutely followed.

* Some workers may accept formed at this ability afore civic EPA and OSHA asbestos regulations were in place.

* The by itself baby areas of ships, forth with the poor blast in these quarters, tend to aerate asbestos exposure, behindhand of whether assurance guidelines are followed.

* The attributes of shipbuilding and adjustment plan about releases added baneful asbestos fibers into the air (where they are added calmly inhaled by workers), which will aswell alarmingly betrayal workers to asbestos whether or not assurance guidelines are followed.

To apprentice added about your options afterward asbestos acknowledgment at a shipyard, acquaintance us today.

The Naval Station Everett

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