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Parents Concerned About Asbestos Exposure in School

Parents Concerned About Asbestos Exposure in School

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Parents Anxious About Asbestos Acknowledgment in School

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The asbestos abatement from a Virginia top academy is causing affair over asbestos in schools.

Asbestos is getting removed from Menchville Top Academy and abounding are anxious that the acceptance and adroitness are getting apparent to the adverse carcinogen.

Asbestos Removal

The $6.2 actor activity that began in June and is accepted to abide through 2008 is reportedly getting done to amend the heating, blast and air-conditioning in the school.

The activity entails the abatement of asbestos from the brim insulation that is in the beam of the building.

Parents Voice Concerns

School admiral reportedly beatific a letter to parents answer that the asbestos abatement is getting done afterwards academy hours; however, parents are still agnostic and anxious about the abeyant abuse the abatement could accept on their children.

Some parents affirmation that they accept contacted the academy for added advice and accept not accustomed any added updates.

One ancestor says that she couldn’t get any answers from the abettor arch apropos the superior of the air that has been tested.

She says that she intends to accept her adolescent activated for asbestos exposure.

Another ancestor is because appointment her babe to addition school, afraid that she is getting apparent to asbestos daily.

District Spokeswoman, Michelle Morgan Price, claims that if they abide to acquisition asbestos in the air, they will accede shutting the academy down for an continued aeon of time to ensure the acceptance safety.

(Source: The Circadian Press)

Have you been the victim of asbestos exposure? If so, amuse acquaintance us today to allege with an accomplished advocate who will accredit you to get the acknowledged abutment that you deserve.

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Parents Concerned About Asbestos Exposure in School

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