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Problems Containing Asbestos at Beck’s Lodge

Problems Containing Asbestos at Beck’s Lodge
Problems Absolute Asbestos at Beck’s Lodge

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

State admiral in Illinois are ambitious that Collinsville appropriately abolish the asbestos that was larboard over from the annihilation of Beck’s Lodge.

The 40-room cabin was reportedly broken down on January 14, but the site, which contains asbestos material, has yet to be contained.

Asbestos Problems at Annihilation Site

The Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA) has reportedly complained to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office about the city’s abortion to abolish the asbestos from the site.

According to reports, the website contains added than 10,000 aboveboard anxiety of actual with the chancy actuality asbestos.

Asbestos absolute actual had allegedly been sprayed on the ceilings of the 45-year old cabin over the years.

City Asked to Fence Site

The IEPA has requested that the city-limits fence off the ambit of the acreage and abide to wet down the actual until it is deeply taken to a landfill to anticipate association from getting apparent to the carcinogen.

Maggie Carson, a backer for the IEPA, says that the bureau has break handled the asbestos removal.

(Source: BND)

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Problems Containing Asbestos at Beck’s Lodge

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