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Asbestos Remover to Plead Guilty in Asbestos Case

Asbestos Remover to Plead Guilty in Asbestos Case

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Asbestos Remover to Appeal Accusable in Asbestos Case

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The man accused of getting complex in illegally removing asbestos from the Cayuga Canton Board of Elections on Jan. 24 is accepted to appeal guilty.

Paul Carey, the advocate of the accused man John Chick, said that Chick is plea-bargaining with federal prosecutors.

“He is argumentation accusable to the aboriginal calculation of the allegation as it pertains to abatement of asbestos,” said Carey. “The sentencing is alone larboard up to the adjudicator in a federal setting. We won’t apperceive what the final book will be until we are abreast by the judge.”


In December, Chick, 64, was accusable on 10 counts, including falsifying advice to federal investigators, illegally removing and administration of asbestos from the BOE, violations of the Clean Air Act, and abstinent workers assurance masks.

Chick allegedly aria to the federal government in abstinent that he acclimated bastille inmates to abolish asbestos illegally. He aswell allegedly denied the inmates’ requests for masks and affected them to plan in massive clouds of dust created by the asbestos abatement process.

Chick aswell faced obstruction of amends accuse for allegedly aggressive to annihilate a above canton agent who witnessed the misdeeds and was traveling to affirm adjoin him, but those accuse were dropped, said Ann Petrus, canton legislator.

Chick originally faced a best bastille book of 5 years, and a accomplished of $250,000 on anniversary count, for a absolute of $2.5 actor if he was begin accusable of anniversary of them.

The Investigation

“We accept been alive with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and allegedly there is a continuing analysis as to others who may be complex aural the canton at the time the asbestos was removed,” said Carey. “Mr. Chick was artlessly a canton agent who was a canton carpenter and ordered to abolish the boiler and pipes. There is an credible accumulation of admiral from the canton who may accept accepted about the asbestos and ordered him to do it anyway.”

Harmed by asbestos? If you or a admired one has apprenticed mesothelioma or any asbestos-related affliction as a aftereffect of acknowledgment to asbestos, amuse acquaintance us today for a chargeless appointment with a caring and able asbestos advocate who can advice you compensate your losses.

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Asbestos Remover to Plead Guilty in Asbestos Case

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